A few web visitor statistics before I forget them.

Well. In this day and age, hosting a counter is basically impossible. I’d like to, but I cannot. Plus, I’ve already broken all of the boundaries that I thought I had.

I’ve had icze4r.org for about 16 years now. In that time I’ve put very little content on it; but, I’ve managed to get about 2,140,992 people to visit in these past 16 years. Pretty good!

Better news: in the about 5 years that Margaret Gel dot fuck has been up, I’ve managed to … acquire? … 2,529,420 (nice) visitors.

It’s difficult to say for sure if these are all of them, and this is just a rough average, gleaned from taking a monthly average and multiplying. Also, a friend once accidentally pointed a stress-testing tool at my website, racking up one million hits in a little under an hour. Those actually were not counted, as I just took a monthly average.

So, basically: about 5-6 million people have seen my websites, and, across my entire Twitter career (heh), anywhere from 43,200,000 to 3,168,000,000 people have seen me tweet.

Hewwo. c(´•ω•`)