A.I. Art

This is kind-of sort-of a one month update. One month and a third of another; maybe a half.

I’ve been making A.I. art on my own hardware for that long, and, I have some thoughts about it.

  • You get one good image out of every 10 when you use your own hardware. Compare this to 4 out of 10 when you use a professional service.
  • Hands are difficult. You will learn how to draw, shade, and render hands.
  • I learned how to draw hands!
  • Really bad artists are super salty about this.

And I get it. I get that artists are always, perpetually in a bad fucking mood. And they have reason to be: being an artist is just no fun these days. However, your problem is not my problem, and you can go fuck yourself if you want to make me feel bad.

It’s something I realized a couple of days ago, but it really came to the forefront of my brain this morning: we don’t have to be friends. You don’t have to approve of everything I do. We do not know each other. In fact, we’ve never met. We probably will never meet. We have no bearing on each others’ lives; but, especially, you have no control over me. It’s best that you get used to that now, because the obviousness of that lack of control is only going to increase in the near future.

All that having been said, there was a tweet the other day that said, ‘hey, A.I. artist, fuck you’. I ended up blocking a lot of people who retweeted it; my idea was that I didn’t want to potentially fundraise for them in the future. (It’s the Human(tm) way: to ostracize, and cut off resources from other people you don’t like!.) But, also, I went to their profiles, and I ended up seeing their art, and, only one out of 100 of them actually knew how to draw.

So we had 100 people going, pick up a pencil, and learn how to draw, asshole, and only one of them was kind of good at it. I’m better at drawing that the person who was good at it.

But the other thing is, human beings seem to believe that they can just order people to do things. The whole, ‘pick up a pencil, and learn how to draw’ thing is funny, because it’s essentially saying, I don’t like the A.I. art you posted; fuck you, and draw me something by hand.


I’m not drawing you shit.

Like, I don’t know what sort of mental dysfunction that human beings ‘suffer’ from, but yelling at me doesn’t do a goddamned thing but make me not help you. Are you stupid or something?

Were you born stupid, or did you take lessons?