About Writing

I was getting started on something I was calling a Treatise on A.I. Art, going through the pros, cons, ethical issues, et cetera, and I suddenly realized something. I’m talking to stupid fucking humans.

The Internet is not a place for reasoned conversation. Human beings are, more than anything, immature, terrible little fucknuggets who are not going to engage me in the way that I desire.

So, I quit. For 20+ years, I wanted to have a website where I had a bunch of articles, with reasoned arguments, thoughts, etc. And then I realized that Shii did that, already, and ran into 4chan people, and realized— fuck, I hate everybody here.

My mother used to tell me: you’re scattering pearls before swine. Obviously not everybody on here is a dipshit. But there’s no way to filter them, and I don’t get anything out of spending 18 hours writing an article that I will grow to detest within a year.

So there’s a couple of things I want to say:

  • While I like writing, the time I spend on articles is not really worth it. I enjoy writing; sadly, it’s just not worth it, simply because, I’ll eventually get tired of it, I’ll want to delete it, and I don’t fucking care anymore. It’s over, kids. Goodbye.
  • I am not a person who convinces people through words.
  • In general, I want to write things that aren’t contemporaneous, and terrible. Overall, anything I could spend 18 hours writing, and then releasing for free, I could spend 4 hours writing something that I can eventually release, and turn into a book.

So I’m going to do that, now.

I’d say it’s been fun, but, quite fucking honestly, trying to make a cool fucking website like Sak and Lago used to, for the past 30 fucking years, has been torture.

I’m done. It’s time to just use icze4r dot org as a repository for my stories, and then I can put whatever the fuck I want on this.