Y’knkw. I’ve always known that what transpired online was bullshit.

You go to a place on here, and the mods, or the admins, they’re always powertripping. You get banned at the drop of a hat, and that’s it: any life, any friends you had on there, that’s all over. You have no recourse. You’re at the mercy of the whims of an asshole.

Social media didn’t make it any better. Now, instead of a powertripping asshole, you got a soulless corporation that doesn’t give a fuck about you. Somehow, things are even worse now.

I was always staring down the barrel of this. I could have everything— but could I keep it?

Nothing in the hands of human beings is stable.

We started making fanbases on these things. YouTube; Facebook; Instagram; Twitter. TikTok. New platforms come and go… but this shit never changes.

None of this ‘fame’ ever helped anybody when people got banned. Nobody kept their fanbase. Well, Nazis did; but Hate has a powerful reach.

I’ve seen so many people lose it all, on here. And I’d watch, and try to see if they ever gained it back. Not one lf them ever did.

On one hand, I’m sad that I didn’t make it bigger.

On the other… I’m relieved that, now, I’ll never have to go through that sort of pain.