For the longest, I have heard humans say that famous people should not state their opinions on things, because it can disturb their fans, and ruin how people view them.

Here’s one for you: What if I don’t give a shit? What if I’m not your doll to fucking pose and play with?

Because I’m not. I’m a person, just like you. I have thoughts; and I am going to express them. If that makes you uncomfortable? If that makes you not like me? Tough shit. I can’t live for you.

I can’t be your perfect fucking little homunculus. I am not this thing that exists solely to bring a smile to your face, or make you feel better. You have no right to control me. Just as I have no right to control you.

Being famous, I can also say that I genuinely receive no perks from it. People say dumb, mean shit to me, and they get offended when I respond to it like a normal person would. People want to pretend that I’m the problem. If you’re running around being mean to people, you’re the problem, kiddo.

I’m not sitting here and passively taking abuse. I never did. But, in the back of my mind, I was like— well, can’t you try to be a little bit more like how people want you to be?

I can’t. Or, rather, I could.

But the thing is, not only am I not going to, but anybody who actually loved me would not try to mold me into being somebody who I am not.

The idea that someone should passively just take your abuse is fucking dumb. Nobody has a right to be an asshole to me, and force me to sit there and take it. And I’m no longer willing to sit here and pretend that I should just passively accept abuse. No one should.

The Internet has turned into a right fucking awful polace, and the idea is now that, if you have any sort of substantial following, you should run PR, and do your best to not do anything that the people who live to make fun of you, would ever deem ’embarrassing’.

And that’s the thing: the minute you buy into that shit, they control you. They decide what you do, and what you don’t do. Too many people who I thought were smarter than this have fallen into the trap of trying not to ‘post cringe’, and it’s just fucking stupid.

I worked to exist in a place where people didn’t have to like me, in order for my existence to continue. So many other people have worked to be in a position where they depend on the good will of others, expressed through monetary donations, in order to survive.

I don’t fucking trust humanity. And certainly not enough to bet my life on it.