I can’t believe I’m famous enough to write this. Or to have to write this.

The Questions I Want to Answer

Who are you?

I’m a person who keeps on getting famous for stupid bullshit, and then all the stupid bullshit ends and then I have a bunch of followers. That’s all it is. I’ve been involved in a bunch of things and I don’t really feel the need to talk about any of it. It was all stupid.

For a while there I was considered some sort of ‘child genius’ who got a lot of attention. Then I didn’t want to be anybody’s guinea pig and the attention faded away. I’m not a burn-out: I’m the sort of person who people tried to use, and I refused to be used.

How’d you get those followers?

I was one of those people that people thought could get things done that they wanted. For a little while there, people thought I was some sort of political ‘pundit’, and that I would back their causes, and go on their little personal crusades for them. In general I’ve shaken most of them off but I’ve been on Twitter for 10+ years now, so. I got lucky a few times. Some followers stuck.

What do you do?

Aren’t you nosy.

Do you have a college degree?

What kind of asshole just asks questions like this.

Why did three academics write scholarly articles on your penis?

I wish I fucking knew.

Personal Moral Code

Overall concept: Human civilization is largely a ‘game’. People fight with each other politically; but, when someone gets sick, or they need to take care of their family, all hostilities are to end. When someone stops playing ‘the game’ of politics, they’re out; it would be rude to continue judging them for what they did.

Unless of course they committed war crimes.

Example of this: Let’s say that someone and I are arguing online. They have it out for me. If they have a real-world problem, like a family member gets sick, I’m not playing this game with them. They have bigger problems and I’m not going to even engage them, even if they’re attacking me, because they’re in no state to play this game with me.

This follows the principle of non-aggression when someone who is truly not a threat to me, attacks me.


The Principle of Innocence

  • Protect the innocent.
    • Allowing an innocent to come to harm through inaction is a sin.
  • The strong have a duty to protect and uplift the weak, the infirm, the vulnerable, and hte innocent
  • Helping others in their time of need should be done altruistically.
  • The punishment for a person committing rape, should be the death penalty.
  • Digital piracy is permissible, though may be morally wrong in some cases. Things that have been released many years ago, or that you have no money to obtain to view otherwise, are permissible to download. However, if you have enough disposable income, it is a good idea to purchase them. Hollywood movies? Permissible. Indie games and projects? No. Out-of-print media should be shared until it comes back into print.
  • Personal art projects should no longer be distributed if the creator wants them to be taken down.
  • Art and photographs, especially pornography, that the people or persons in the photographs, do not want to be distributed, should be by no means ever distributed again, even privately.
  • Animal poachers should be eaten by the animals they’re trying to poach.
  • A person should be referred to in the way that they prefer, not the way that you prefer.
  • It is morally wrong to kill.
  • It is morally wrong to cause harm.
  • Don’t be deceitful / dishonest with a person who is under duress or otherwise mentally incapacitated (e.g. due to a disease). Anyone who is unable to defend themselves automatically deserves the truth, at least in matters relating to them.

An innocent is defined as any individual or entity who is undertaking no direct actions to cause harm to another individual, entity, or group. An innocent, more commonly known as someone who is just ‘minding their own business’.

Main Principle: The Principle of Safeguarding

I have no authority to tell people how to live their lives. However, upon an individual or entity deciding that they can subvert or otherwise infringe on the free will of another, and/or cause them physical or emotional harm— the attacker is acting with malice— I am required to respond to this assault by standing in their way.

An example: if someone tries to hurt an innocent, I am morally required to physically stand in their way, and prevent harm to said innocent. I do not have the moral authority to cause injury to the attacker; but I have the strength enough to stop the attack from injuring said innocent.

Violent action is not authorized.

Identity Questions

Are you Crooked Trees?


With most of these ‘rumors’, or whatever you want to call them, I know more-or-less exactly where they all start. And while I find it extremely amusing that people think I am multiple people, I no longer really need to benefit from such confusion.

Crooked Trees was/is this brilliant artist whose work I really do admire. If you want to see it all, or at least most of it, you can go to crookedtrees dot tk or check this link: https://e621.net/wiki_pages/2609

They’ve gone by many names, and they seem to have a habit of creating things, and then destroying them. I kind of get why, though we might not have the same reasons: you look at your work, and you think, no. I don’t want this up anymore. I’ve created dozens of webpages and probably hundreds of videos that I’ve later looked at and gone, wow, delete this immediately. It’s a bit hard to rationalize that’s why they do it, here, because they make such beautiful things. But, I don’t know. Another artist I know of has destroyed entire projects, because– well, just because, really.

Because they felt like it.

Anyways, go to crooked trees dot tk if you want to see my work–

I’m joking.

I’m not them.

If I feel like it, though, I may just mirror this, because it’s on Archive dot org.

Are you JonTron?


First of all, that would be absolutely fucking absurd. Second of all, do you think I would’ve even tried for the past 16 fucking years on YouTube, if I was making JonTron money? Liek. None of this would exist. I wouldn’t have this blog. If I were him and he were I, then what would be the point of what I’m doing here?

I heard that you were [this person]. Is that true?


For the vast majority of my life, I was involved in certain things (mainly catching pedophiles), that required, to my mind, a certain level of forced public confusion as to my identity. So I would drop hints, (read: disinformation), and people would take those hints, and use them as leads to find me. Needless to say nobody’s terribly bright, and you can just randomly say fucked-up shit on Twitter and people make entire lie-worlds out of it. There are still some rumors about me that I just plain don’t understand where they came from.

In any case, to this day I haven’t seen any externally-controlled online source that properly identifies me.

Why I did this

I did this in the hopes that what I did wouldn’t follow me home, and get my father killed. As he died in 2017, I no longer feel a deep need to obfuscate my real identity. I may have gotten SWATTed once, but, eh. Eh. Who cares at this point. Nobody’s doxed me right in 27 years and they’re not gonna start now.

For the most part I’m writing this because people are starting to write ‘lore’ about me, in which they erroneously identify me as other people. Other people whom I have a great and deep respect for. I cannot let that happen. I cannot allow for that to be written as though it were truth; but especially since the danger is pretty much over, and I feel I can fend for myself.

Also, just to make this perfectly clear: being thought of as being multiple different people is very fucking entertaining to me, but I don’t want to take away, even indirectly, or passively, or through a lie of omission, all the beautiful accomplishments of these other people who are definitely not me.

Still it’s pretty enjoyable that somebody made a webpage identifying me as the Crooked Trees.

I still have the square brush these things were made with, though.
(The real CrookedTrees once offered it as a download on one of their Tumblrs.)

Are you Doodletones?

Also no. God damn it; I don’t even know how that one happened. How THAT rumor started.

It seems to be because I used to make YouTube videos ‘commenting’ on things. And this landed me in the YouTube ‘commentary’ ”community”. Gosh, Humans are weird.

Are you some famous voice actor or video game developer?

Nope. There has not been a credit in my name for anything video-game related since probably 2006, if not 1997. I worked on various physics engines but probably none of those games are still even in existence.

My voice acting ‘credit’ was for a fan dub of the entirety of the Sailor Moon anime, including the movies. I don’t even have it anymore. Honestly, it’s probably lost to time, at this point.

There’s a weird Everipedia article about you. What’s that about?

Everipedia used to be a wiki you could edit for free. A few years ago, it switched to a paid, crypto-coin model. As such, even though I can CLEARLY FUCKING SEE THE EVERIPEDIA ARTICLE, I can’t do shit to remove it. I would have to pay, it seems.

If you can delete it, please do.

There’s a weird article about you on this wiki. What’s that about?

Are you a furry?

Nope. When I was a kid I tried to join the ‘community’, and I received pretty much the coldest reception ever. Given all of the drama, even if I were a furry, I would never try to become part of their ‘community’, ever again. It’s a liability I cannot afford, with absolutely no upside.

Similarly I’m not interested in being a part of any online community, either, but especially not a lot of the more-public LGTBQIA+ ones, simply because there are a lot of narcissists in charge of those who take great pleasure in hurting others.

Are you LGBTQIA+?


My own identity is not something that is at the forefront of my mind, and most of the way I identify isn’t even public-facing, nor for public consumption.

I’m Intersex and Trans. No, I will not elaborate.

I’m also aroace.

Political / Ideological Questions

Are you a Conservative?

No. I dislike Trump people; but I also dislike Democrats, and especially Progressives who pretend that they’re helping the downtrodden, but are only using their position to enrich themselves.

Are you a Liberal?

Probably not.

Are you a feminist?

i used to be. I am not sure what feminism stands for at this point. I am for women to receive equal, if not better treatment; and I hate toxic masculinity and patriarchy, viscerally.

What’s your religion?

Vaguely Christian (I don’t believe in God or Jesus; I just know that they exist), with a heavy emphasis on the pacifist sides of Daoism. But mostly I don’t have any religion. I call upon spiritual figures like summons in a Final Fantasy game.

Do you support or oppose abortion?

I support a World where abortion is not necessary. However, knowing that such a World is not possible, I support abortion over that World. It’s just never going to work out: there’s always going to be either incest, rape— or, someone just doesn’t want to have a baby. I cannot get in the way of their bodily autonomy.

I also don’t believe God would be stupid and put a soul in a fetus that’s going to be aborted.

Other things I couldn’t fit into a question and answer format

  • I support unions
  • I hate America
  • No, I don’t like Russia either
  • I like Ukraine
  • If it wasn’t for Britain, none of the World would be this fucked up
  • Vanilla is superior to chocolate when it comes to flavors. Vanilla is a more-delicate flavor, allowing for other things to interact with it. Chocolate just steamrolls every other flavor. Makes it unenjoyable for me.
  • No, I don’t like My Little Pony
  • No, I don’t want to fuck a My Little Pony
  • No, I don’t want to fuck a Pokemon, either

Moral and Ethical Questions

Questions about Animals

I don’t like the concept of having an animal as a ‘pet’. I understand it; it works for a lot of people. I, however, grew up in the wilderness, and all my ‘pets’ were feral / barn cats. Because of this, I largely see my relationship with animals as being a steward, or a friend: I’m supposed to protect them, but, I cannot see them cooped up, inside a house. (Preparing warm housing for them in the winter is advisable, though, and I have done this many times.)

I am a meat eater, mostly because I like to eat meat. Even though I love cows, my favorite meat is beef. I’ve tried to wean myself off of it, but, between that and chicken, it’s just my favorite thing to eat. I had cows I protected as a kid, and they all died of natural causes. I cannot eat any animal that I’ve taken care of. You can’t eat friends, y’know.

If I had to raise animals in order to eat meat, I would probably never eat meat, outside of hunting and killing deer. Deer are noble animals with the same wide range of emotions as cows have, but fuck, I don’t like deer. And I love the taste of venison. I do not hunt, however, as I find it personally barbaric.

PETA’s fucking nuts. Don’t trust ’em.

Uncomfortable Questions You Should Ask Nobody

Pokemon Smash or Pass?

Smash: Meowth, Hitmonchan, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, Jynx, Blaziken, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Mawile, Roselia, Milotic, Banette, Roserade, Lopunny, Mismagius, Croagunk, Weavile, Serperior, Audino, Leavanny, Whimsicott, Lilligant, Scrafty, Zoroark, Gothitelle, Swanna, Litwick, Deino, Zweilous, Hydreigon, Meloetta, Midna, Jack Frost, Braixen, Goodra, Cinderace, Hatterene. Did I mention Salazzle?

Pass: the rest

Why not an Eevee?

Because it’s basically a small dog and that’s creepy.

But Swanna–


What fictional characters would you fuck?

  • Female Yautja
  • Nyx Avatar (Persona 3)
  • Ougi Oshino
  • Ryoko Hakubi
  • Ozen the White-Whistle Delver
  • Undyne
  • Muffet
  • Toriel
  • Susie
  • Vanny and Roxanne Wolf
  • Toy Chica
  • Oerba Yun Fang

Communcation, Collaboration, and Attribution

Can I DM you on Twitter?

Yep. Please be 18+ or older.

Can I E-mail you?

Of course. Please be 18+ or older.

Please note that, while I do not dislike being e-mailed, I’ve been getting an incredible volume of E-mail from people who tell me they have schizophrenia. Depending on what you write, I may not know how to respond; or, I may not want to respond, for fear of somehow hurting you in your altered / vulnerable state.

Do you want to collaborate with me?

Probably not. I have no interest in making a YouTube video with or for you. This is nothing personal.

You can always ask.

Go to the link and click “Collaborate”.

I love your work. Can I use it?

Please don’t. An arrangement may be able to be made if you want me to contribute to some sort of newspaper or online periodical / website. I have a bit of experience in that: was first published in a newspaper when I was about four.

I’m a journalist. Can I get a quote from you?

Sure. I require proper attribution, however. A link to my Twitter profile (https://twitter.com/icze4r), and a line identifying me as an “Entertainer”, will suffice.

Can you advertise my thing?

Not anymore.

Web 3.0 bullshit

Hey there, friend!


I have an NFT.

Shove it up your ass.

Sponsorships, et al

Would you like to partner with me and become an affiliate for my energy drink?

Not unless you’re Red Bull, tbqh. Even then, Red Bull is unhealthy as shit.

Would you review this thing of mine?


Miscellaneous Questions

Would you like to pay me to improve your SEO?

I’m Verified on Google. I have my own Knowledge Panel, something that’s nearly-impossible to get, and maintain. I don’t need your paid ‘help’. I don’t even take suggestions.

I would like to give you money.

Buy your mother something nice instead. I’m not hurting just yet.

more to be written later