Fuck Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is run by cunts.

After spending a little bit of time looking at what happened with the Jerkcity people(? or their fans?) trying to get a Wikipedia page for the webcomic, I took a look at other articles that have been deleted. Or, were about to get deleted. To protect the anonymity of the people involved with the following articles, I will not name the articles, nor them. The Internet is full of crazies and I ain’t paintin’ targets on people’s backs. Most of these have been deleted already.

The first thing that spurred me to write this is the fact that an article for a deceased veteran, very famous, who was very good at their job, who won a very prestigious medal, was described in the following way, by a Wikipedian: (I’m paraphrasing)

‘Just because you won a medal doesn’t mean you get a ‘I’m-notable’ free card.’

That really pissed me off. It’s not, rather, the disrespect of the veteran. Because, I don’t give a shit. I have absolutely no loyalty towards people I don’t know, whose deeds I don’t know. I’m not a soldier-sucking twat who just goes, oh, the government said he deserved a medal; let me get my lipstick. No. It’s the disrespect of the human who got the medal.

It’s that some fuckstick online has decided that they’re more notable, or more worthy to pass judgement on everyone, than a person who actually fought in a war that mattered. And this fuckstick just goes, ‘pfft, not notable’, as if mentally chucking them in the trash. I fucking hate people like this. Judgementalness makes you ugly. Remember that.

Getting a medal from a war isn’t ‘non-notable’. This isn’t “World of Warcraft Arena Grandmaster 3 Times Running”, like I have. That shit doesn’t matter. Getting a real medal, some real award, for combat? Yeah. Don’t act like a cunt to people who got that.

The Wikipedia process sucks my dick. Here’s how it works: you write an article; you submit it for review; and then one fuckstick gets to decide whether or not it’s published. One. What makes them so important? There’s no human being so important that they should get to pass judgement on who gets to be remembered, OR INCLUDED.

The entire website is said to be run by committee, but I’ll be damned if I’ve ever seen it. I look through it every few years and the idiocy, the insanity, and the crazy-making just keeps evolving in ways that I just don’t understand. Between ‘Wikiettiquette’ (how quaint) and countless ‘essays’ of people collectively sucking their own dicks at how great the system is, I can’t fuckin’ take it. I’m glad they have my ISP range-banned. A couple months ago, I was going to try to reset the password on my account, and edit a little. I don’t have time for these shitstains.

UPDATE: I finally got the ability to edit. And, after looking around for a little bit more— giving the system one more chance— yeah. Fuck it. Fuck it forever. This place is ass.

The problem I have is ‘notability’. ‘Notability’ does not mean what they claim it does. You have an online encyclopedia, but you don’t want to include everyone. Why? No, seriously. Why? And why are you so fucking racist to Indian people? Why is the encyclopedia filled with niche shit that no one knows about but a few people, and tons of articles on porn and pornstars? It’s a website. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Almost none of the ‘notability’ claims even have anything to do with the real fear of the encyclopedia: that somebody sees that their biography is on there, and there’s legal action of some kind. That’s why almost all the pictures of celebrities fucked off 5+ years ago.

“Notability” on Wikipedia is just a way of keeping people off the wiki, that the editor(s) have personal disdain for. Anything that makes these motherfuckers’ lips curl in contempt and/or disgust, they just throw a quick Speedy Delete on that motherfucker, claim that somebody writing it has a personal connection with the subject, accuse them of being paid to edit— even though, a year or more ago, I exposed a group of paid editors, and they did fucking nothing— and that’s it. Cap it off with a nice little ‘not notable’. Kiss my ass.

And this isn’t about me wanting to be on the website. I’ve seen what you humans do to people you put on wikis. No thanks. Fuck you.

It just fucking sends me. You have a guy who fought in a war, and was very famous— and he’s not notable? What? That doesn’t make any sense. It’s like saying Audie Murphy wasn’t famous. You’re just making shit up.

The fun part for me is that, right now, June 14th, 2021, when I’m updating this article for fun, the latest article that’s pissed me off is someone on the wiki saying that a popular brand of ant pesticide is non-notable. What the shit does that mean?

Then we have the fact that there are a lot of super-famous streamers who don’t really have Wikipedia pages. You have Vinny’s band; Vinny himself; Jerma; and so on, and so forth. A lot of the greats from yesteryears also aren’t listed. What the fuck is the point of an encyclopedia that excludes facts? What the Hell are you trying to do here?

This is like when a bunch of TV show episode guides got excised from the encyclopedia. Why? What the fuck’s your problem? Half the reason I go to Wikipedia is checking out what Twilight Zone and Outer Limits episodes to check out and which to skip. Or, checking to see when what episode of Sailor Moon aired originally.

Then we have my greatest grievance. It is not unlike the whole ‘who gets verified and why’ complaint; but, there are differences. Here it is:

Who’s ‘notable’ and who isn’t, is decided by people who have no credibility.

Ignore the fact that the entire encyclopedia is created by dipshit normies with no particular set of skills. Just ignore that. That’s not important right now.

I’m not talkin’ Wikipedians. I’m talking journalists. Over the years, and even before, it became clear as fucking day that journalists not only get shit wrong, but they regularly write articles for their friends. The entire system is cliques, up and down. So, if you want a Wikipedia page, and you want to get Verified, and so on, and so forth, it’s very simple: suck the right amount of dicks, and suddenly, you’ll have some sort of press coverage. And this is a figurative sucking of the dick. You know: mingling. ‘Networking’.

Journalism is fucked up, because you can get press for simply acting as a source for dipshit journalists. Kinda. Sometimes, you can work your way up; but, even then, that’s fraught with peril. Because, let me tell you: let me tell you: journalists don’t know shit about fuck. Half of the things they write seem to be piecemeal plagiarism taken from their sources. And I’m speaking from personal experience, seeing what I said to journalists, and what came out. They don’t even attribute. They basically just get other people to write their shit for them, and then publish that, under their name.

Back in 2015 or thereabouts, I was offered a deal to basically turn on people that the journalist(s) thought were my ‘friends’. In exchange, I’d get glowing press coverage, and be verified. Maybe they were lying; I don’t know. But, seeing as a lot of them worked with people who got glowing press coverage and were later verified off of it, hmm!

I refused it, of course. Because humans can’t be trusted. But the entire package was the same: a journalist with some modicum of power over other journalists ‘reached out’ to me in private, and offered me a package deal, where I would get like a year’s worth of favorable coverage, and it would lead to being verified on pretty much every platform I wanted. I don’t regret refusing the deal. I am, however, fucking unbelievably pissed off that such a corrupt system is being used to determine who gets in the fuckin’ encyclopedia. It makes no sense. The page for Henrietta Lacks’ daughter was deleted. Fucking why?

At one point or another, I thought about what it would be like to have a Wikipedia page. But, seeing how bad it’s become, and, in general, how bad humans are, and seeing how there are absolutely no standards and everybody’s a motherfucker, I no longer want anything to do with it. Not even in a fantasy world. Fuck these people.

It’s never the actual things that people do on a website that piss me off. It’s the emotion. There’s so much fucking arrogance— everybody with any sort of power on Wikipedia acts like a goddamned checkmark. And I’ve seen some people there. They have a stick up their ass so far that they’re practically a meat popsicle.

The sheer fucking arrogance of these people is such that they barely emote. They feel so far above everyone else.

You write a fucking website! It’s a website! You’re human! You’re not a God! You’re not even making good use of your time! I wouldn’t say you’re stupid, but I would definitely say that contributing to a group effort like this where you get nothing is the epitome of life-wasting behavior.

Do somethin’ else. Fuck.