Getting files out of Termux, the easy way

So. You’re using Termux. It’s basically just the Linux terminal, and you’re using it on Android. Probably your phone.

You downloaded a bunch of things using Termux. Okay: now, where are they?

They’re in the application, itself. Well, kinda. So how do you get them out?

It’s simple: Just type this, on the Termux command line.

mv *.* /storage/emulated/0/download

Boop! And they should be in your Download folder. That’s easy to find, right?

If everything is set up like it is on mine— and there’s no reason for it not to be— then, when you do a

pwd Directory

The directory that’s returned should be


If it’s something else, it doesn’t really matter, but you can find the directory that way.

Here’s a picture.