Google Knowledge Panel Woes

I’ve probably posted about this before.

For something like– well, it’s felt like at least a year, but it was probably 2 months of consistent research, total– I tried to get a Google Knowledge Panel. Well, the research period was a LOT longer than that. But, I finally figured it out, and I got one. I have a Google Knowledge Panel.

Now that I have one, [NileRed voice] I… don’t really know what to do with it. To be fair, the whole thing is kind of stupid: I’m trying to perfect something by sending in suggestions, and nobody ever really answers. But, I have one… and I’m not really sure if I should even work on perfecting it. I mean, it’s there. Isn’t that enough?

When I first got my panel, I don’t think I even had a title. Then it read ‘writer’: which is accurate, but I don’t really feel like people going around, referring to me as just a ‘writer’. Partially, it’s because people are judgy, stupid fucking assholes, but I also don’t care what they think. I care what I think. And if I’m going to have a title, it’s gotta be better than ‘writer’. Everybody can fucking write.

Next, I got the title ‘Engineer’. Which is actually correct, but not in any way that the general public is willing to accept. Again, fuck the general public, but I could at least argue about it, if such a thing were challenged.

Honestly, what I wanted it to read was Astronaut, because that would’ve been fucking funny.

Pictured: a mock-up of the exact best way to get Google to hand my ass to me.

But, thinking about this, I came to a strange question.

Why would I want my knowledge panel to say something silly?

Because I’m not accustomed to being accepted.

Usually, when I reach some sort of position, where I have some sort of ‘status’, I instantly expect to get yeeted at the first notice of anyone with any real power. But, as I’ve been ‘climbing’ the Internet Social Ladder™, I’ve… begun to realize, that there are actual places online, where I actually belong. And, even if people try to yeet me off of them, they cannot take away the fact that, yeah. I have the qualifications. I belong where I am.

I’ve never really felt that in the Human World before.

So, anyways: because I’d always end up getting unfairly yeeted, I’d always try to put in the funniest information that I could, whenever I got someplace high. Because, if I’m just gonna get kicked out, why not make a show of it? It’s funny.

The thing is, though, I actually have some sort of incentive to not do that, now. A place has been prepared for me, and… I actually deserve to make myself defend it.

Have I been to space? Sure.

Have I set foot on the Moon? Oh, you betcha.

Am I going to argue the point, to Google?


Engineer’s fine.

What led to this

Being unaccustomed to being accepted, when I got Verified on, it started a thought process. Soon enough, over the years, I got Verified on Amazon… Google… Pornhub… and probably a few other places, that I don’t even remember. None of the other ‘big’ ones, just yet: Facebook is not buying any shit I’m selling, and Twitter and Instagram, so far, have probably denied me over 50 fucking times.

But I’m there. I have a Google Knowledge Panel. Three of them, at my last count: one got baleeted, but the other three, they seem to be… staying.

I’m not used to this.

What’ll I do, now?

I’ve been accustomed to sabotaging myself, for most of my life. Because, I knew, one way or another, I’d get rejected. So, I made sure that my rejection– something over which I had no control– was as funny as could be– which was something that I had some control, over. Now that I’ve been accepted… I don’t know how to act.

Assuredly, I still have the problem of Twitter not really wanting to do much about a decade’s-long cycle of Impersonation. But, given that Twitter doesn’t really seem to give a single fuck about anyone at all, no matter how famous they are– probably, if you don’t go through the proper backchannel, they don’t even care– well. I’ve been snubbed, there.

Also, I’ve been ‘snubbed’ by Bing. Never got a Bing Page, even though I submitted for it something like over 3 months ago? Probably, I will never get it. Probably, Bing Pages has gotten sunsetted, like Posts on Google, did.

Currently, Google states:

Currently, we’re working with a limited support team. It may take longer than usual to connect with us. Thanks for your patience.

Which is acceptable. I don’t begrudge them that. But, when it comes to anything related to features on Google, they’re kind of running by the seat of their ass. I don’t want to bother them; and, the documentation for the features, it’s not even well-maintained. Which I know can be a pain. But it still leaves me confused: what’ll I do, now?

Right now, I have good reason to fight for myself.

This is someting that I have never encountered, before. Usually, I’ve just let people beat the shit out of me, or take advantage of me, because I could always recover from it, and I had no real control of my strength. I chose to be a pacifist in a lot of things that mattered, because, eventually, people would just ‘go away’. And any sort of ‘social status’ that I had, it was always ephemeral. I never had much lasting to defend.

Now I do.

What do I do, now?

Thoughts For Future Planning

I don’t really want to be mean. I do, however, have trouble not talking about when people deny me shit. But, as I’m getting used to this, I’m getting better at it. Soon, I won’t even talk about it. But I do need to work some things out, first. (I’m getting better every day. (◕ᴗ◕✿))

Genuinely, I’ve suffered from rejection sensitivity. But, mostly that’s ’cause I’ve gotten the living shit bullied out of me, most of my life, and I’ve never been allowed to defend myself, or stand up for myself. Just learning how to do it, that was a trip.

As it stands right now… I was going to leave Twitter. But, I’m kind of fucking… I don’t know. I don’t know what this feeling is. I’m so accustomed to just leaving when people stand in my way, that I find actually standing up for myself, actually demanding things for myself, to feel… I don’t know. insolent?

Insolent or not, I’m going to keep trying. And I’m going to keep winning.

As it stands right now, I want the following things:

  • @icze4r on Twitter and Instagram, Verified

Will it happen?

Well, Hell, my dude. I got Verified on Pornhub, Amazon, and Google. I also managed to make Affiliate on Twitch, which is… something.

I’m also a YouTube Partner, which is Hells of Difficult to get, these days. And I just made $10.22, passive, off of YouTube. I’ll be getting my first AdSense check, pretty soon.

The thing is, though… even though I have so much, comparatively, especially compared to all my other friends… I still feel like, it’s not enough? Or, I feel like I want to go up, even higher.

I do want to get Verified on both of those places. But, I have to admit: now?

Instagram was founded in 2010, and introduced Verification in 2014. Twitter introduced Verification in June of 2009. Google+ had it in 2011; Facebook, in 2012; Pinterest, 2015 (though I remember that last one being different).

What I’m saying, is…

… I think it may be too late.

Who knows, though?

In 2014, I never would’ve imagined that I’d have a Google Knowledge Panel.

Who knows what I’ll manage to do?

Might even surprise myself! :3c