How people get Verified on Facebook and Instagram

They request it through something called the Media Partner Portal.

Instagram Instructions on how to get Verified

Facebook Instructions on how to get Verified

So the entire thing is just bullshit, really.

There’s probably a way to get in there, by becoming a Facebook Marketing Partner. Whether or not I give enough of a shit to investigate, I don’t know.

I only wanted to see how it is done. I’m gettin’ tired of actually doing it.

So, basically, it would seem that anyone who has a valid business that they can Verify can just go through Facebook, become a Media Partner [ ], and fuckin’ submit Verificatos for themselves. There are rules, mind you, but— there’s the door.

Probably I will no longer be pursuing this. I just wanted to see that there was a door. I’m not jumping through the hoops to go through it. I’d have to verify a business in order to do it, and, they’d probably still be able to deny me. I’m not starting a business just to get a checkmark. That’s foolish.

Though it is tempting

As are everything else that’s stupid but fun.