How to Remove Unremovable Likes/Favorites on Twitter

Suppose you want to remove all your profile’s Likes on people’s tweets. Every single Like/Favorite.

Go here.

That’ll show you how.

But how do you remove the shit that doesn’t get removed, doing that? Past the 3,200 limit?

Here’s how you do it.

  1. Go to your Likes. Scroll down until you find the Liked tweet that no longer has the little red heart on it. This is the sort of like you normally cannot remove. You can either use Circleboom to unlike it (especially if someone has you Blocked– being blocked makes it incredibly difficult to remove Likes or Retweets on a tweet, but Circleboom can do it, for free); or, if you’re not blocked, you have to do something that is not very intuitive.
  2. Like the tweet again.
  3. Open the tweet in another tab.
  4. Unlike the tweet.
  5. Congratulations. You’ve removed the Unremovable Favorite.

I don’t know why Twitter is like this (yes I do: it seems that they’ve cached certain information, and made it read-only, or something; or it’s a bug in their software, where they do not properly load the states of certain information), but it’s annoying, and I want a clean slate, and this is how you do it.

Go forth and fuck.

UPDATE: Why does this happen?

There’s no way for me to know without actually working at Twitter, which is a fate worse than anything. But, in any case, it seems like the tweet that doesn’t have the Heart on it, yet is already liked in the system, doesn’t change state until you Like it again. It doesn’t move the tweet’s position in your Likes; but, if you try to unlike it again, from the same window/tab, it doesn’t do shit. You have to force the tweet to load again, in which case you can actually force the right status to be passed unto the tweet. Or something. I do not know what they even do over there, but it works.

UPDATE 2: There’s an easier way to do this, and it seems to work every time.

  1. Go to Likes. Find un-unlikeable tweet. Open in new tab.
  2. Like the tweet.
  3. Reload tab with tweet in it.
  4. Unlike the tweet.

Twitter seems to store the vast majority of their data on media that’s much slower than the first 3,200 of every account’s tweets. There’s probably a similar limit to Likes, and they probably do it to keep things ‘snappy’. A system like this is probably a huge Discord-ian type of deal where everything from everywhere is being concatenated into personalized feeds. It’s a wonder it works at all, to be honest.

By Liking the tweet, you ‘wake up’ the system, and it goes, oh, this was already Liked.

When you reload the tweet, it gives you access to send an Unlike command. You press the button, it actually Unilkes, things get properly updated.

It’s not that big of a deal, but Liking and Unliking tweets is registered as spammy activity, so really this kind of shit is just fucking annoying to deal with.

Don’t ban me, Twitter.

Like that’d even help to say.

Thoughts on The Twitter Likes System

It’s fucking stupid.

It’s a system that works, but, it doesn’t work. Not completely, anyways. For some pretty common cases, there are no real ways for normies who use the service to undo certain problems. I’ll explain.

Let’s say you Like or Retweet a tweet from somebody. That somebody instantly blocks you. Hope you fucking liked having that tweet on your Timeline and your fucking Likes! Because it takes an API call most people aren’t going to have access to, to even remove it. You cannot even see it if you’re logged into your account. Good job, Twitter!

It’s not like the service is hounded by people who are complete fucking assholes or anything!

The end result, is, in order to completely clean your Likes– and God save you if you have more than 10,000 of them, because you’ll have to manually Unlike however many Likes you have, minus 3,200 that can be done programmatically- you have to:

  1. Register a new, fresh account, that no one has blocked, and that is blocking no one.
    1. ONLY THEN CAN YOU ACTUALLY SEE THE TRUE, UNFILTERED CONTENT OF YOUR TIMELINE, AND YOUR LIKES. Because being Blocked removes any normal access you have to even seeing this shit.