How to Stop Milo Yiannopoulos from Hurting Innocent People

Stop writing about him.

Who I Am, Why You Should Listen To My Advice, And How I Know All This

I used to be Milo’s friend. Back around 2014 or so, when someone was trying to dox and terrorize him, I did the necessary work to keep him safe— at the very least, as safe as I could. And, to be honest, I love him. I still do love him, as a friend. And I care about him. And it worried me dearly when he told everybody on Telegram that his oxygen levels dipped into the 70s. Despite everything he’s done to hurt people, I have been hoping, this entire time, that he would see the light, and reverse his course, on this perverted, bizarre path that he’s taken.

It’s not happening. The Milo i used to know is gone. I don’t know where he’s gone off to, but he has been replaced by a fame-seeking monster who will do anything he can to get more fame. He will even pretend(?) to inject Ivermectin; pretend(?) to have COVID; he will do anything he can, just to keep being famous. Even, or especially, if he ends up getting innocent people killed.

I have watched this man tell innocent people that Regeneron is not an ideal treatment. That it’s something he would not take, as he pretended(?) to be deathly ill with COVID.

In the throes of his supposed infection, I have watched this fool try to get voting rights away from women.

It has to stop now, and I know exactly how to stop it.

Stop Fucking Writing About Milo Yiannopoulos

30 years ago, I was famous.

You don’t know who I am. I know this for a fact. What I was famous for is now pretty much lost to fucking history.

Do you know why that is?

People stopped writing about me. The only thing that keeps a person in ‘fame’ is that they’re constantly written about, by journalists. If you’re a journalist, I’m talking to you: Stop writing about this fucking clown.

If you stop writing about Milo, he will go away.

He’s already admitted that de-platforming has ruined his life.

He has no YouTube. No Facebook. No Twitter (his pride and joy; he made that perfectly clear, in private).

The only thing he has left is Telegram, and every time you write about him, YOU GIVE HIM YOUR AUDIENCE. YOU DRAW MORE INNOCENT PEOPLE TO HIM.


Milo is losing badly, and he knows it.


During the height of his fame in 2014, on his Twitter account, Milo got 70 million views, every month, on his tweets.

Milo barely breaks 6,000 views per post he posts on Telegram, these days. Today, he cannot seem to get more than 1,000 views per Telegram post.

Milo gets less views on his posts than I get on my tweets, on Twitter, and I barely even use Twitter anymore.

Milo is failing. Milo is losing. In a way, he’s already lost: he’s gone from a little over 2 million views on his content, per day, to something below 30,000. Certainly below 100,000.

And keep in mind that he keeps losing viewership.

When he first arrived on Telegram, he got 20,000 views per post.

Now he can’t break past 1,000.

Stop writing about Milo Yiannopoulos.

He is losing viewership. He knows this.

If you stop injecting his stupid bullshit into the news, he will eventually have so few people viewing his content that he will have no power, no sway, whatsoever.

I rarely say this, but thank you for reading. And if you follow my advice, thank you. Thank you so much.