Kiwi Farms

I’m not the sort of person who feels fear when people say stupid shit about me on the Internet. I’m mildly annoyed by the sorts of things people post; but, almost entirely, I don’t go searching for it. Humans gonna Human and I’ve come to terms with the fact that Humans are worthless sacks of shit.

However. Over the past few days, something has been rattling around inside my own head. A thought. A memory. And that memory is, way back in late 2014 / early 2015, somewhere around November 17th, 2014, my parents’ house got SWATted.

At the time I was particularly intrigued by how this had happened. The police told my father that someone had called in a ‘hostage situation’ on the house; said they had like three people hostage, or some shit (this is basically telephone game at this point, since my father has since passed and I cannot ask him exactly what they said). The end result was, three cop cars pulled up alongside the street, and my father went out, met them, and so did I.

The police were very nice. I am lucky that the police within the area are very nice, and I have even been able to rely upon them in certain situations (1 hour and 45 minute response time, at one time, nonwithstanding). That’s a funny story: a man, in the dead of winter, tried to break into the house while I was home alone. He kept on saying, ‘let me in; it’s cold out here.’

But then, as I started to talk shit about Kiwi Farms, I started to remember something. And it came in dribs and drabs; and then, finally, a great flood.

Why I Never Got SWATted Again

I’ve been wondering why the Hell Kiwi Farms never did anything to me in the time that I’ve been talking shit about them. Monitoring their threads, these motherfuckers dox people every other page and call in bomb threats like it’s lunch. I’ve wondered why I haven’t been getting affected.

I had assumed it was because they didn’t even want to fuck with me.

Another answer is that, when the cops came out and they found that the call was fraudulent, not only did they announce that they were going to open up an investigation into it (to the best of my recollection); but that my parents’ house and all our phone numbers were then placed on an anti-SWATting list, so that this wouldn’t happen again. Various police departments were then informed about the threat to our lives, and the police told my father and I that this would never happen again.

So that’s probably why.

The Content of the Threat

I know who did it. I just have no idea of their affiliation.

Tying the dots together is a nebulous proposition. I have my records of the event; I have my records of what I think led to the SWATting. I have saved, somewhere, the various threats I got, leading up to the ‘event’. But who started what, who did who, et cetera, is not something I can 108% piece together.

There’s only one thing that I know for certain. My dox were posted on 8chan, 3 times in total. And the dox originated from someone who used Kiwi Farms, to post them. The person who SWATted me, speaking anonymously (as anonymous as Twitter can be), even taunted me with the ‘fact.’

At the time, what the fuck Kiwi Farms was, I didn’t know, and I especially did not care. The thread that I found on myself was quickly privated(?), or something; I needed an account to proceed further, said the error that I got, and I decided against it. The dox et al were inside that one. I was shown a screenshot of that one.

I don’t particularly know the motive.

But that’s not the thing that’s important to me.

What pisses me the fuck off.

At the time, I was at my parents’ house, taking care of my father. I was his caregiver, for lack of an official ‘term’.

Whoever all did this— if there’s more than one person involved, as I know the name of the person who made the phone call— you tried to kill my father. Not only that, but my mother.

Under my own moral code, that’s a sin.

You motherfuckers.

The TL;DR for the Twitter post

Back around November 17th, 2014, I got a bunch of threats. At the time, I had no idea where they came from. By the time I had done my research it was too late. I was staying at my parents’ house, acting as my father’s caregiver, and three police cars pulled up on our street. My father, a black man, went out to ask what was going on. I accompanied him, because… white cops, black guy. I wanted to protect him.

Nothing happened. The cops were very nice, and informed us that someone had called in some sort of ‘hostage situation’, saying that three people had been taken hostage at my parents’ house. My father has since passed and I cannot ask him the specifics. The end result is that the police placed my parents’ address on a list, and informed police stations around the area to not respond to such a thing ever again, to protect my parents and I. I even had my cell phone number placed on a list, so that, if such a threat occurred, the police would call me and ask me if everything was all right, before dispatching anyone. Same for my parents.

At the time, I knew this: my dox had been posted 3 times on 8chan, and had been first posted on someplace called “Kiwi Farms”. I didn’t know what that was. When I tried to go to my thread, it was either privated or deleted. My friend and I investigated, and got some screenshots of what was going on. Basically, people were trying to hunt us.

These motherfuckers at Kiwi Farms tried to annihilate my entire FUCKING FAMILY.