My father was cheated out of his pension by the U.S. Government.

I know fully well what this looks like. I am a cartoon character on the internet, writing about space aliens. It’s what I like to do. But there’s something that I have to start working towards, and I don’t think I’m just going to open up an entire new set of internet profiles and websites, just to talk about this.

My father retired a Major from the U.S. Military. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross. He saved more people than I can even name, in and out of the line of duty. He was a hero.

He never received his pension. From the time I was about 8 or 9, to his death in 2017 (so I would’ve been, I think, about 29 or so), he tried to get his pension. Hell, I think he was trying, even before I was born, in 1986. The United States Government gave him nothing but the run-around on this. At one point, I calculated that the U.S. Government owed him something like a third of a million dollars. He received none of it; he died penniless, dead from an enlarged heart, that I think was the result of his exposure to Agent Orange.

Largely I had no idea what to do about this. I did everything within my power to get people to pay attention. And I tried, to the best of my ability, to get help for this. I contacted President Barack Obama three times, and each of those three times, he replied, giving me people my father could contact. My father followed through… And nothing happened.

i even contacted Trump.

today, i wrote a letter to President Biden, and, while I have no doubt that he will respond, I suspect that, with all the time I’ve spent watching the United States Government just ignore this issue, nothing is going to get done.

So I’m writing this. Because I want to get attention. For the first time in my life, I NEED this to get attention. For my mother.

Because, even after my dad died, you know what happened? My mother tried to apply for survivorship benefits, only to get the exact same runaround. Our family hasn’t seen a dime of any pension promised to him. Inevitably, that means that my mother is never going to be able to retire.

When I think about my dad, I think about Nikola Tesla. My dad was yet another genius who died penniless. The man worked on top-secret projects. Yet they threw him away, like he was trash.

i want some form of resolution, for this. I want an answer. I want to know what is or isn’t going to get done.

Because, if the United States can just draft people, drench them in Agent Orange and helicopter fuel, and then discharge them, and never give them adequate medical care, or even the money they were promised?

Then what the fuck is America? Just an ’empire’ that enslaves people and uses them in a war, and then throws them away?