February 18th, 202

I think, for me, the very worst thing I can be, is bored.

I abhor boredom. To the point where, yes, I may occasionally get myself in trouble. Just for the fun of it.

I always need to be getting into something.

That being said, however? I don’t see anything else that I can really get into.

Right now, I don’t really have anythin’ goin’. Or, I don’t— there aren’t a lot of things that I have to surmount. Maybe electrical issues. Maybe learning to be a plumber. But, still. Not anything that really, genuinely excites me.

Here are the Irons I have in the fire:

  • Applied to become a Polynaut. ( Some sort of special thing, where… I don’t know. It’s a special designation; but, I’ve gotten the swag, and the Verification. So I don’t need those. I applied simply because it was an official avenue through which I could help ask Polywork how I could help them.
  • (aborted) Verified Merchant-dom on Pinterest.
    • It’s too hard, for little to no benefit.
      • I want the Red one, anyways.
  • (aborted) Verified on SoundCloud.
    • If SoundCloud isn’t already on its way out, I don’t even care.
    • No benefit.
    • Not valuable.
  • (aborted?) Trying to get on Deezer.

Like I said: not much goin’ on.

Recently, I got the ‘win’ of getting Verified on Polywork; what preceded this was getting a free swag box. It was great.

While I cannot possibly ask for more from Polywork, I can ask for something from other places. Because— sadly, I hunger for more. I don’t want power; but I do want checkmarks.

Unfortunately, as you shall soon find, it’s just a paper tiger.

There’s nothing actually to Verification.