I think the thing that infuriates me about human beings the most is that they lie. And it’s not the act of lying that bothers me the most— it’s the cowardice of not admitting to it.

It’s become exceedingly obvious that a lot of social media is thoroughly throttled. With Twitter, I was unsure what was going on: was I ‘shadowbanned’? Because, no matter what I really did, for years after I think I really pissed off Twitter, nothing I said really caught fire.

And then, as if I had slipped out of their net, in the span of a day, a throw-away, terrible fucking meme, got me 10 million views.

I’m confused. What the fuck is going on, here?

Stupidity v. Malice

There’s a human idea(l) that a lot of people quote: Don’t attribute malice where stupidity could suffice. That is to say, don’t assume bad faith; just assume that the person is stupid.

But doing this is how white supremacy goes ‘unnoticed’. Assuming that someone is ‘stupid’ instead of evil, allows people to do bad shit, and then go— whoops, I didn’t know! Yet ignorance of the law is no excuse. (Probably because the people in charge of the law, are never beholden to it.)

So why did nothing I really do ever catch that much fire on Twitter? (Besides, of course, l’incident.)

I used to think that it was because I pissed off that guy in Saudi Arabia. Even then, being as popular as I was, the amount of views I got didn’t hold a candle to people doing much less. So what was it?

Is it a fluke? Is it a curse?

Or is it something else?

Or does this shit just not work?

Recently, on Twitter, my views stopped updating. Nothing I did counted towards new views. And, quite honestly? I had thought, well; if views are going to be shown, then maybe I can use this to get Verified on Twitch.

But that wasn’t going to happen, simply because I started getting single digit view counts.


I watched, for an entire fucking night. (I wasn’t awake; I just kept a record, via computer). Views stopped acting like they used to, just a week ago.

Did Elon break this? Was some sort of system put into place (hahaha that seems impossible with the staff at this point) that rectified the views? It only showed the actual ones?

What happened?

Is Twitter dead, or am I dead?

I don’t know. I just don’t know.

This isn’t something that I want to think about. But it’s something that I increasingly have had to think about. High follower count or not, I’ve noticed that YouTube is a ghost town, compared to what it was.

Even not linking my videos, before, on Twitter, I’d get an easy 300 views. Hell; it was pretty much a guarantee. Now I have to fight for 100.

When I would spend 3 weeks on a video, I’d release it, and get sub-1,000 views on it. Even pushing it. Years before, I could release a multi-video series, and get thousands of views on it, without advertising it to anyone.

And when YouTube first started out, I got a video up to 3 million. Hell, I got multiple videos past 1 million.

Now I struggle to get them past 100.

For the longest, I’ve looked at this as being a diminishment of my ‘audience’. Maybe people just went away; maybe people just stopped caring. Those accounts that follow me, they’re not even there. Nobody’s home.

… but then, there are times when I make a video in 3 minutes, and it reaches almost 150,000 views.

And then, sometimes, I make a bad meme, and it goes past 10 million views.

Or I write a paragraph and it get 250,000 views in about an hour.

Are these flukes?

If so, why the fuck is my readership increasing????

I actually have readers.

Hello. If you’re reading this, you are one of 400 new readers that I get, per day. Actually, up to this point, as my Twitter audience has been seemingly ‘declining’, the people reading my work has been rising. We’re up to, I shit thee not, 700 new people. Reading my work. Every single day.

Every time I look into it, they stay for a pretty long time. And they don’t come for random little things: they make a beeline straight to my work. To my book. To my stories. On my blog.

And when I post a link, to my blog, onto Twitter,

300 people look at it in an hour.

I’ve done research as to what’s a bot hit and what’s not. Every time you post a link to Twitter, about 12 robots index the contents of said link. So I have at least 288 real people, looking at my stuffs. This is verifiable; Cloudflare’s not missing anybody, like Google Analytics would. And using my own access logs on the servers that I run my websites on, just proves that the numbers visible on Twitter are FAR BELOW what the fuck I’m actually getting.

So what the fuck is going on? Are the view counts broken?

If so, could they please be broken in my favor? It’s nothing short of humiliating to go on Twitter and say something, and get single-digit views. Hell, for a while there, I was sitting at a big fat fuckin’ goose egg for some things I said, while the internal Analytics that Twitter was running (that were previously only visible to potential advertisers and Studio users), they kept increasing. But my visible stats, didn’t.

Is it my account? Did somebody fuck it all up? Is it because it’s too old? One of my friends, Ophelia, has been fighting to get more views. I feel really bad for her; because she tries so damned hard. She can’t seem to figure it out, either— and, quite honestly? I think I’ve stopped trying.

I remember, recently, a woman got impersonated on Twitter. She got impersonated 3-4 times. And the profiles were using all her naked pictures;

and those accounts were getting tons of views, and tons of new followers. But the real person?

They were not.

So what’s going on, here? Is it really so slap-dash, so random, that, no matter what you do, you really can’t control what gets views, and what doesn’t? I mean, even established people, like Shoenice, aren’t getting views like they deserve.

At this point, it’s not really a matter of my feelings being hurt— but, rather… what works? What doesn’t? Even looking at the online Alt-Right grifters, their views oscillate wildly, from 123,000 to almost a million.

I remember, recently, a guy on Twitter, he was complaining that he was ‘shadowbanned’.

Because he ‘only’ got about 2 million views on each and every tweet— and he thought he deserved more.

Boy fuckin’ howdy, mate.

If only I could be so ‘shadowbanned’.