Space Alien Research Report IV

For the longest, I’ve been trying to figure out how to describe the Anunnaki, from an evolutionary standpoint. I should’ve known that this was impossible, even if I had some idea of their actual genetic history, and their animals. While one of their most popular religions claim that they did not evolve, but were created, nobody really believes that. They’re well-aware that they came to be from natural processes. The actual process, however, is not something they’ve devoted a ton of thought to, at least in recent aras.

I think it’s actually impossible to compare them because Earth and their originating planet just do not have the same sort of wildlife. Their planet was practically a desert, that once played host to parasitic, tree-like things that seem to be one of their only natural ‘predators’ (if a tree, indeed, could be considered a ‘predator’). That tree was quickly made extinct through manual action from a neighboring species, however. So how much even that could have influenced their evolution? It’s an unknown.

My quest is probably more of a personal one than it is scientific. I like to regard people as being similar to a particular animal. Human beings, I consider all of you to be particularly-tempermental, talking monkeys. I wanted to do the same thing with the space aliems.

The problem is, there’s no Earth animal or lifeform that matches what they look like, or even feel like. Their skin feels like that of the Tiger Salamander; they have scales, so you’d think, reptilian. But no. They’re extremely warm-blooded.

From vestigial muscles, and I think ‘bone’ as well (as there doesn’t even seem to be a proper analog to that in their physiology), I would have to assume that they evolved from a lifeform with eight to ten total limbs. So, I once thought: spider? Inside their tails, in the tip, remains a vestigial structure that once served as both stinger and spinneret. Now it only serves to produce a somewhat-intoxicating substance, but only when taken orally (and even that is particularly difficult— you really have to suck, and for a long fucking time, toot)

So, lizard and spider, these two things don’t really fit with their physiology. There is no analog to an exoskeleton; their regular ‘skeleton’ is exceedingly, almost painfully flexible, just to look at it from the standpoint of what would be normal for a human being. So how can I do this? How can I reduce them to some sort of animal-humanoid analog?

The truth is, I can’t. They are so much more complex than that. Besides: I’m only speaking of the newer-type’s bipedal bodily configuration. There are others, and some aren’t strictly bipedal.

There is also the fact that they have both functional wings, and a tail.

So, could I say that they’re similar to dinosaurs?

But dinosaurs didn’t have stingers?

The mystery remains.

That stuff that comes out of their tail tastes great, though.

ADDENDUM: Given that they are pettable, like being petted, have sharp teeth, tails, and can purr, I’m going with kitties.

Space alien cat girls.