Space Alien Research Report V

One of the things that has come to my attention, and that I’ve been meaning to address, is the (erroneous) thought that human beings have about alien first contact, re: induction into some sort of ‘Galactic Federation’, or something.

There are generally three types of human beings I encounter when it comes to talking about space aliens: people who don’t believe; people who do believe; and people who believe too much. They start to make their own little fantasy worlds, around the space aliens. You haven’t even met them yet. Calm down! lol

In particular the idea is either that the aliens will try to conquer humanity (not going to happen); or, that humanity will be honored, and given some sort of high place in an extraterrestrial association.

Let me be the one to burst your bubble: there’s not anything that’s really like that. There is no gigantic ‘space senate’. This isn’t Star Wars. There are trade unions, trade ‘federations’, if you prefer; but most of these revolve around how to best keep goods (especially medicine, life-saving technology, or food), flowing through space, from one planet to another. None of these are Combine-like: these are all cooperative organizations, very loosely affiliated and without much control by either party. They are agreements. Nobody really gives a shit about the law, when it comes to dealing cross-civilization.

The idea that humanity is so special that it deserves a special place, is also highly presumptious. It flows from a deeply-narcissistic and narrow-minded, egocentric human view. Human beings are unique; they are special in that they are a distinct conglomerate of lifeforms; and, many of the aliens on Earth have grown incredibly attached to humanity. But you’re not controlling a single thing in any other alien civilization. It’s just not going to happen. Not until individuals prove themselves worthy of such a position, or have demonstrated a non-human frame of mind enough that they can be trusted with such positions.

Take me, for example. I was adopted by one of them, and even though I have a rank and a title, and an official name in their language, that means very little re: what sort of duties I am allowed to perform. Because rank and title aren’t enough to be respected within the civilization. Respect in this civilization comes from deeds, and intention.

Human beings are very egocentric. They believe, sometimes patriarchally, that they know best.

It’s not that you’re not smart. It’s not that you’re not intelligent. It’s not that you’re not sentient, or you’re not sentient enough. It’s that, you don’t realize that you’re not the one who is in control. Of your own person; of your own civilization, you are entitled to some measure of control over what you are allowed to contribute to it, and what sort of control you have over your own body. But you don’t have any control over other people’s civilizations. I think that Americans’ idea of ‘spreading freedom’ has a lot to do with the idea of how they’ll interact with alien civilizations. It would be best to not make first contact a violent affair.

And that’s not a threat. As, if you attack us, the end result is, you’re simply not going to get any help from us, until you stop firing on us. While the civilization is not servile, and will not be deferring to humankind, you are a people who are currently in dire straits. We will help in any way that we can, but we will not be threatened, harassed, or mistreated, as and while we help you.

As it stands right now, whether or not first contact is even a good idea is something that’s hotly debated… by only myself. The rest of the aliens want to see you, and I don’t have any intention on stopping them. However: I would like to point out to you that I will not allow you to hurt or mistreat them, in any way.

Currently, the problems that beset humanity are common disease; famine; increasing water shortages; microplastic and other contamination of the environment; and, most-recently, baby formula shortages. These we can all help with; but, our help must be received in an environment that is conducive to a mutually-agreed-upon and strictly enforced peace.

Do not fire upon us.

Do not attempt to abuse or otherwise take advantage of the space aliens.

Help is coming, and the speed at which it arrives is largely dependent upon how conducive humanity, as a whole, is, to creating an environment that is welcoming for us. We cannot help you if you try to harm us.

I, personally, cannot authorize any involvement of the species, if any of them are to come to harm while they aid you.