So. While we’re getting this out of the way, I want to point something out.

This webpage is fucking bullshit. I can venture a guess how this information got up there: when I used to Google myself, a text box asking what question I wanted answered, used to pop up. I would then ask it shit like, ‘How tall is Margaret Gel?’. Because, at the time, I was testing to see if that’s how Google finds answers to search questions.

What I didn’t know, at the time at least, is that those questions go to a Google Forum that only people from/in/around India can access. And, guessing by their Facebook page, Starsheight appears to be based in Bangladesh. So, they probably saw my question, and made this webpage for me.

One little problem though.

Maggie Gyllenhall is 5’9″. Apparently. Who can say? Nobody fucking knows; it’s the Internet. That’s what Google throws back at me, and that’s what Wikipedia says. Right now. Tomorrow? Who can say.

I’m gonna take a big fat guess and say that either somebody got their wires crossed, or they looked at “Margaret Gel” and went— ah, yes; “Maggie” is a corruption of “Margaret”.

Actually, I don’t fuckin’ know what the shit is going on with thinking ‘Gyllenhall’ is ‘Gel’. Whatever.

I don’t think there’s any taking that down, either.

Fuck me, Freddy.