Sunsetting (en generale)

Fuck this.

For the longest, one concept has bothered me. It’s the human concept (or, rather, American) concept of ‘success’. The burden of achievement is placed entirely on the individual: and there is no support. You can do everything right— and I have seen this— you can achieve everything set before you. Have a perfect GPA. But your lot in life is determined entirely by the decisions of a select few people. It’s entirely dependent on what several gatekeepers give to you. (This is why it’s so easy for the wealthy’s children to get to high positions: it’s nepotism. Plain and simple. “Networking”.)

You can do everything right, and you can still fail.

You can do a perfect job. Never be late; never miss work. And, if you’re in America, you’re probably living in an ‘at will’ state; where you can be terminated, phhht! Just like that. And you’re fucked.

All because a human being gets to (wrongfully) decide your ultimate fate.

It didn’t get any better when social media showed up. On YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok— anywhere, really, pick your ‘favorite’ site— you can get banned. And it can be for nothing. And you aren’t owed a reason; you don’t have any recourse. Fuck you. All that effort? Gone.

I have seen people’s careers completely fucking destroyed, at the push of a button. Poof! Your account, gone— forever. Hope you weren’t planning on living on the income that your job creating shit on the Internet was actually affording you!

The way this shit works, I never really saw any real reason to fucking get too ‘invested’ in it. Because, you can just get banned. And you’re done. Game over. Doesn’t matter what you did; you can say the wrong word, or just plain say a word that was okay yesterday, and is a hell-worthy trespass, today. I’m sick of it.

The latest goofy bullshit ‘trend’ is people just decide they’re going to fuck with you because you’re playing a certain video game on stream. And the game that’s not allowed always fucking changes. I’m not keeping up with this shit. I don’t care. These people are fucking nuts. It’s like a game of musical chairs with the fucking Mad Hatter and he keeps screaming CHANGE PLACES!

I’m also fucking sick of applying for checkmarks like it’s a goddamned job. Who the fuck cares about SoundCloud? I don’t! It’s a worse, limited, audio-only version of YouTube. What the fuck is the point?

And what about Twitch? Twitch doesn’t seem to know what the fuck it’s even doing— so why am I applying to get Verified there? I’m a fucking YouTube Partner! YouTube has paid me! Why the fuck should I have to write out an ‘application’, to see if Twitch accepts me? Who the fuck is Twitch when YouTube gives me transcodes for free?

It feels a lot like back in World of Warcraft when people were like, ‘fill out this Guild Application’. No, I’m not ‘filling out’ a fucking application for your Guild like it’s a fucking job, you loser. Do you know how fucking meaningless any sort of achievement in that game really is? I was part of the World First Hard Mode down of The Lich King. What, should I put that on my fucking resume?

We glitched / exploited it, and the people in charge rescinded it. Which makes it even funnier.

The thing that bothers me about all of this is that— I’ve seen people stream like it was their job, for three years straight, and they got banned. They got permanently banned, on Twitch. Without any stated reason; and with no recourse.

Your life! All of your effort! GONE!

At the push of a button.

This is no way to live.