The Artist Experience™

Being who and what I am, I’ve always had a penchant for the collection of experiences. If I can get into trouble in a unique way, then, by all means, I’m going to.

By all means— this is not some kind of constant, continuous attempt at suicide. No; I’m merely bored. I want to experience neat and novel things.

So I do.

So I do.


I’ve never given a shit about reposting. In the early days of the Internet, reposting fanart was common. In fact, it was the main way for fanart to actually be circulated throughout the Internet. So, when Twitter happened, and I’d constantly get yelled at for ‘reposting’, I was like— the fuck? This was okay not but five years ago! Why do I get in trouble for it now???

So then, I made an image. I used A.I. to make this image.

It was overly-horny. It was overtly horny. At the time, I didn’t want anything that looked like my O.C. to be anywhere near ‘naked’. Like the Joker meme that I posted that ‘broke’ the internet, I threw this up as an afterthought— an aside. “Eh, maybe they’ll like it,” I groused.

The original has less than 100 likes on it. Barely even 10, last I checked. Barely anybody noticed it. But a repost account did, and it’s about to reach 10,000 likes, and it has over a hundred thousand views.

As somebody who has had a tweet with more likes, more retweets, et cetera, than even the most-beloved ‘comedy’ account on the website, for a meme she made in literally five seconds, honestly, I shouldn’t care.

But something in me does. And I’m not raising a stink about it— because, quite frankly, the computer made the image. I didn’t. It doesn’t really matter if I have copyright over it; it doesn’t really matter because I don’t rightly care. I wanted to give out this art, for free.

I just kind of also wanted to get all the attention when I gave it out for free.


God damn it. This is a unique feeling of mine, because, I haven’t felt this since I posted art 20 years ago. Back then, OTHER people claimed that they had made it. And I told myself— this time, should I watermark it?

Well, no. They remove it.

Hm. Also, did I really make this?

What to do?

I don’t know. BUT! What I do know, is that it leads back to my own profile, via reverse image search— and, so long as I don’t delete that tweet— I have a record, I was the first to post it.

But does it really matter?

Eh. I think the thing that I’m taking from this is that, I have this unique feeling. And, despite how bad it feels, I always wanted to know exactly what this felt like for other artists.

I’m getting the full artist experience on Twitter, condensed into the lesser part of a week.

Next up…!

Getting Your Art Sold Without Your Permission

This is apparently a thing that can happen. And, given the popularity of the images that my computer is producing, it’s going to.

The only thing I’m worried about is whether or not I’ll be able to find them. I mean, it should be easy, right?

Stay tuned! :3c

EDIT: nothing on this front yet

EDIT 2: it’ll happen. I don’t want to search for it anymore. Let’s just assume that I did get this shit stolen, and I laughed about it. It’ll happen.


What Reposting Does

I ended up getting less than a hundred Likes on the same image. I got about 400-600 new followers, while the person who reposted it got 2,000+ new followers.

Their post’s stats:

And I got:

5 retweets, 23 likes. One each of those is mine.

See, this is why I don’t release art that I draw. Because, if this had been something I had drawn— not something that I had had my computey draw— I would be heartbroken. I’d probably delete everything. In general, I can see why artists are in such a bad mood, all the time. It sucks.

I do have a solution, though.

The Artist’s Journey: The End

I’m actually tired of catering to other people. It was fun, but I realized that nobody really deserves this shit I put out. I’ll share when I want; but people are just kinda douchey about this entire thing. I won’t be working hard to please any human anymore.

So! After nearly a week of releasing art, I’ve learned a few thingies.

  • Human beings are not too smart. They can’t tell that what I’ve been posting was made by a computer, until I tell them that it was. in truth, for all they know, I did this by hand. I could have. In fact, maybe I did. Maybe that’s the point of this entire experiment: to see how poorly I’m treated, when people think that I’m making A.I. art. That’d be funny to me.
  • Human beings are not terribly evolved. Between the schoolyard-level bullying (that shit don’t work on me, kids; I’m grown, and you’re pathetic for even doing that shit), and the fact that I just saw somebody on my timeline ask us all if we too enjoy when we see others cry, yeesh. Fuckin’ yeesh, my dude.
  • Human beings who are pushy deserve very little. I feel sorry for workers and underdogs; I feel sorry for those humans getting abused by other humans. It’s just, the higher you go, the more monstrous the people you meet. And, right now, I’m at the top of the fuckin’ mountain top, and…

I don’t see a future in this. I’m glad to see the end of this part of the Path— if I had become a successful artist, instead of focusing on my writing. It would’ve been a cul de sac from which there was no escape.

Welp, that question’s answered!

See you all down the lao!