The Future

I think I’ve gotten all that I’m going to get, here. I won’t be listing my acheevos: I’m beginning not to care. However, I think it’s pretty clear to see that it’s time to move on.

On Twitter, numbers are down 10% for everybody. Elon fucked something up. Even if it’s not over, it’s disheartened people enough that they’re just deleting their content. And me? I don’t really care anymore. If there’s no actual way to progress? I mean, fuck it. Why hit your head against the wall? I know the wall is there. Enougn.

The good news is that I’m getting 700+ new readers a day. I don’t know where you’re all coming from, but— welcome! c(◕ᴗ◕✿) I’m going to be publishing a BUNCH more writing. You’ll see. You’ll enjoy!

A couple things, though, have to be addeessed, before I fuck off and just start releasing things. First and foremost, my websites.

After I finish my writing career, I want to keep the websites where you can read it for free, online, for 20 years. After that, I think I’ll be done. That’s enough. I’ll call it a success, then.

As for that, that’s it.

I got Verified on YouTube. Maybe I’ll get it on Twitter. Maybe on Twitch. But, who really cares? This place is no longer very nice.