The Perfect Website

Outwardly, I had made it seem like I had given up on making the perfect website.

But I got to thinking. I fasted for a couple of days; I worked real hard; and, as my brain fog cleared, and my general mood improved, I started to find myself able to put things into boxes I couldn’t even clear beforehand. I was able to start thinking again.

I thought about what I wanted.

I looked through the code that I had.

And I put something together in 15 minutes.

It’s finished.

It’s finally done.

I have been trying since 1994.

I have finally made the perfect website.

The Journey.

Since 1994 I’ve been trying to make the perfect website for reason, and one reason only: I had this idea that it was possible. Barring some things that I’m not ready to tell you yet about alien techmology, I was deeply inspired by the things I saw on the ship. And, thus, I wanted to replicate them.

The design I’ve come up with is the closest thing to the aliens’ interface (at least for their ‘webpages’). This is very time-based: the design philosophy has probably changed in the 30-some years since I used one of their computers. Still, it’s perfect. It is a perfect time crystal, of a moment once only held inside my own heart.

Starting from this point, every single thing I have to do becomes instantaneously easier.

I’m done. I’m finally done.

Onto the next! c(◕ᴗ◕✿)