The Truth about Verification

Recently, I got to talk to some actual people, in private, about social media verification. They were very nice and, as such, I’m hiding who they are, and what service they work for, because I’m not gonna get them into trouble. They were forthright and tried to help me as much as they could. The good news is they also gave me all the information I needed to figure out what the actual Verification process is at every single outlet.

Here’s the deal about Verification: While I know it never meant anything, as it’s just another Human construction, here’s the deal about it. There are no objective standards for it. Even though people will tell you, ‘raise your numbers; raise your numbers’, it doesn’t matter how high your numbers are. Because I have ~18,000 followers on one account, and ~16,000 on another, and it wasn’t enough for the ‘vetting’ team, even though someone else on the platform who has many less followers and gets less views, got Verified.

The team tried to tell me, like you’re always told: raise your numbers; improve the quality of your posts, but, given the circumstances, it’s impossible to say that there was any other factor than a subjective ‘calculation’. And that’s the deal:

It genuinely does not matter how hard you try.
You have to be selected.

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have. It doesn’t matter how many views you bring. You have to be selected.

Being Verified on other platforms, also does not matter. That’s not what they’re looking for. Each platform has its own ‘standards,’ and, any time you’re seriously being considered to be Verified, it’s brought in front of a group of Humans, and… you have to win them over. Them, specifically. There are no objective criteria. You genuinely have to win over people you don’t know.

Think of the Verification ‘process’ as being similar to a job interview, except less informal, and even harder to ‘complete’ successfully. And you get nothing for it, even if you do win.

Imagine that you’re trying to win over a bunch of people you don’t know, with your social media presence, and they already don’t like and don’t care about you.

In general, I’m not gonna try anymore. The entire system largely feels like everything else Humans do: it’s rigged against you, and you’re not going to ‘win’ at it unless you have an ‘in.’ At that point, without any objective standards to make it feel like I’m ‘winning’— if I got it, it would be through manipulation solely, something that doesn’t feel good for me to do— yeah. I’m no longer going to pursue this.

Quite honestly, I think I should’ve known that this was the case, but I’m still depressed about it.

I don’t work for free. And if being Verified on Amazon isn’t enough for one group of people in charge of adding Sneetchmarks, I don’t really care anymore.

A special thanks to the group of ladies who let me into the ‘secrets’ of this process. I’m not mad at you, especially because you were nice to me. But, man. This is bullshit.

Oh well though. I didn’t expect anything less from Humans.