The Ultimate Breakfast Sammich

You need:

  • Kerrygold Irish Butter
  • Egg
  • Velveeta cheese slices (or comparable)
  • Tomato (optional)

Drop 1/4th to half a stick of Kerrygold butter into your pan. Should be stainless steel pan, but that don’t really matter. Turn the heat on, medium-high (high heat will burn shit quickly). Get that butter melted: move it all over the pan (or move the pan itself) so it coats the bottom. Let it simmer for a bit; you can optionally brown your butter if you’re savvy.

Two eggs per sandwich. Crack the eggs into the hot pan, try not to break the yolks (doesn’t really matter). Try to keep the yolks close to one another: we’re going to be folding this mess soon. Optionally, spoon melted butter over the yolks, to make sure they’re cooked. (When you see a white patina / covering over the yolks, you know they’re good.)

Lay a cheese slice over the yolks. Take your spatula, and flip that son of a bitch so that the yolks are facing the pan. (Optionally, you can FOLD this like an omelette: it is the same principle. Only the yolks will be protected, and the cheese will melt into the yolks.) I just realized I’d been spelling ‘yolk’ as ‘yoke’ this entire recipe. I think I fixed most of it.

Toast your bread. Butter with Kerrygold Irish Butter. (No, this is not an ad. This shit’s really good.) Make your sandwich with the egg filling. Optionally, you can cut a slice of tomato and put it in— it really adds something. It’s really weird. Strawberry preserves might also be good, but it’s either/or. Don’t put it ALL in.