Thinking about Verification real hard, now.

I’m startin’ to have some feelings about all of this.

When I got Verified on Google, that was one thing. It didn’t really give me any power beyond what I had; and, though it was painless, now that it’s a pain in the ass, and provides absolutely no benefits— why should I even try? Why should I even try with any of this?

Think about it. Think about, say, Facebook. Now, Facebook is flailing. The whole 2016 U.S. election basically fucked them over but good, and they’ve been deflating like a stuck balloon, ever since. Facebook is hemorrhaging. I’m not bigger than it; but, I could bring people to it. That’s the purpose of Verified accounts: to bring people to the service, so more people use it; so more eyes are stuck to ads.

Why would I want to help Facebook?

This is a hand-in-hand situation. I help them; they help me. As it stands, I have no reason to help them. If they cannot offer me something that I want, there’s no reason for me to do anything for them. They’re a for-profit corporation. This is not a charity. They’re not even a person: they’re a corporation. There’s no reason to help them. And nobody’s using them. They’re losing users; and they just plateaued. They’re losing money like it’s gushing from an open wound. It’s all over but the bankruptcy; and the fucked-up, bizarre, weird, MySpace ‘retrofit’.

Does anybody still use MySpace? I just went to their front page and two of their images were broken.

I think the funniest thing is that I’m a VTuber and Zuckerberg is stuck on the ‘metaverse’ and I’m fucking already in the metaverse. Still can’t get Verified! I’m practically wearing his fetish! Nope! Nothing!

Still, Facebook has about 2 billion daily active users. It’s a sizeable number.

It’s kind of fucking stupid how these things are calculated. You can have 2 billion people use your website; but, still, you’re failing. How is that even possible?

In the future, it looks like India is going to get their turn with ruling the Internet. And I say, absolutely. Let them have it. I hope they have fun with it. Them and China.

i’m so fucking tired of Americans on the Internet. And in general.

Anyways, back to what I was saying: Verification should be this thing where you just go, ‘here you go; I can prove that I am a real person’, and they give it to you. For Google, for the most part, they did that with me. They’re just a little bit weird when it comes to other things.

Instagram seems to be declining. Then again, everything is: we’re in the period of The Beautiful Ones where everybody’s settling down for a nice dirt nap.

Every platform seems to want to be TikTok, these days. Facebook wanted to be Twitch, for a little while, there; YouTube wants to be TikTok; Twitter just wants somebody to love it. I don’t know what the fuck the other places are doing.

With Instagram, I feel that they want me to ‘wow’ them.

I don’t even give a shit anymore. I’ve been trying at Verification for, what, the past six years? Seven? There’s only so much ‘care’ I can dole out for this shit that doesn’t even fucking matter.

Give you an example. I tried for my 41st attempt at getting Verified on Twitter. Denied, in less than 2 minutes. It doesn’t even hurt anymore. It’s just stupid.

You know how I know it’s stupid?

Because fucking O.J. Simpson couldn’t get Verified.