Thoughts about Google Knowledge Panels

At this point, I have absolutely no ability to put this succinctly. I want this to act as a scratch pad, and that’s what it’ll act as.

My Google Knowledge Panel has been an absolute fucking nightmare. I don’t know where it started, or all the steps it’s taken. I took screenshots, but I wasn’t at all organized enough to tell you how the thing transmogrified, and evolved, and changed. All I can tell you right now is, the Entity Home (the thing it thinks is the ultimate, best website that represents me), is this one, right now. And that pisses me off.

It used to be Now, it points to But only on mobile, and only if you search “Margaret Gel”.

For the longest, only appeared if you searched for “icze4r”. Not for Margaret Gel. And my book, the credit disappears— until you search for something like, “Margaret Gel book”, or, “icze4r book”. The information is still there, for my books at least, but I cannot currently figure out how to get to trigger.

My social media platforms listed on the panel, they’re all good. They are the best they’ve ever been. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook. The big four. But, otherwise, I don’t know about this fucking thing.

It’s such a huge pain in the ass, curating this thing. Earlier, I managed to (finally) get images to appear on my Google Knowledge Panel— but, only on mobile. Why?

On the face of it, I didn’t understand what had just happened. First and foremost, you’ll notice my website isn’t listed. It vanished, or started vanishing, the moment pictures of me started appearing.

This is what happens: when your Google Knowledge Panel starts updating, certain information is lost. Sometimes, temporarily. Sometimes, permanently. It’s automated, and I haven’t found a pattern yet. All I know is, Google thinks that this website,, represents me the best. But does it?

Shit, I don’t know. All I know is I updated, the main page, and the Profile page, and… that was it. Shit changed.

Now how do I get it changed back?