Thoughts on Verification

This shit drives me nuts, for one reason: Verification is inherently meaningless. So, if you can prove who you are, you should have it. It should be used as a proof of social trust, or whatever the fuck the buzzword is these days for why it should exist. In any case, it’s a nice way to snare people if they say something illegal. You give your driver’s license; you get a meaningless little sneetchmark. I want to collect them all.

For the most part, Verification is meant as a way to help the website that’s utilizing the Verification. Verification is the Carrot-on-a-Stick, to encourage the people using the Website, to act in such a way that they’re rewarded Verification.

I’m not interested in acting a certain way, and being rewarded for it, because, throughout my life, I’ve learned that human beings are fucking walking bags of shit, and there is no fairness involved in any process they too are involved in. As such, that is to say, there are very few to no Verification processes that are based on objective criteria. Couple of minutes ago, maybe an hour ago, I got auto-denied by Facebook. I feel that a human did that. As expected.

Compare and contrast this to Amazon’s Verification Process, which is instantaneous and determined by a computer comparing some numbers. I had the engagement online to be Verified as an Influencer— whatever the fuck that means. So, getting the checkmark from and on Amazon, in and of itself, using solely the mathematical criteria necessary, was instantaneous, and I was instantly accepted. When you put human beings in charge of this process on a case-to-case basis, that’s where the fuckery starts.

That is not to say that this is what happens all the time. For, when existed, you could just ask for it… and they’d give it to you. See, they were nice. They were reasonable. Their criteria for it were very very simple, and it was solely interest-based. You had 50 followers on this new platform, or a lot on another one, and you could prove it? Bam: you were in there, baby.

Facebook largely doesn’t seem to give a shit, even though they’re bleeding both users and credibility, by the day. After what happened with the U.S. Election and a bunch of other dumb political bullshit they fumbled and/or fucked up, you’re only getting the absolute normies and/or absolute crazies to use Facebook. Nobody under 40 or 50 really uses Facebook, save for extremely normie college students, so I have absolutely no reservations telling that place to go fuck itself. It wouldn’t even really help my ‘brand’ (ugh, what a word), if I got Verified there: I just like butting my head against the wall, and this is ten-thousand times less damaging than, say, applying for the same credit card, every week.

Instagram is worse. Instagram, they like ultra-super-uber celebrities; so, probably I’ll never be ‘accepted’ there. In any case, the day that I am, I won’t give a shit anymore. Because, if I’m uber-fucking famous, why the shit would I care to post on the SFW-skin site? I don’t care. I won’t care about any of this when I become super-uber famous.

Amazon‘s weird because the checkmark just showcases how fucking meaningless this all is. What does it mean to be Verified on Amazon? I don’t know. I love talking about it, though, because it’s absolutely nonsensical. Does it prove I am, who I say I am? Probably: I had to give them tax information. So does the Mark mean that I’m a Verified Influencer, Verified via my metrics of Engagement, AND tax information? I dunno.

Snapchat and TicToc and Tinder and FuckDick and CockSock and whatever other weird-ass Zoomer shit they come up with, I’ll never get around to that. I don’t know how to use that. The only thing I know about Snapchat is that there were naked ladies on it, one time, and that was real good.

LinkedIn is an absolute pile of dogshit that nobody wants ot use. Fuck ’em.

AskFM is probably gonna keel over and close before it makes anything of its Verification system.

I don’t wanna write anymore. Bye.