Back around half a year ago, I watched as Liam O’Dell started his fourth or fifth hashtag. Liam seemed to be making hashtags just to get in the news; or, in order to get Verified. I found it kind of funny.

The idea for his new hashtag, was this: Twitter was bogarting checkmarks, and Disabled people deserved them. Fair, right? It wouldn’t be the first time that a social media network actually ignored or directly limited the reach of Disabled people. TikTok did it. Probably still does it.

I thought they might have a case. So, I wanted to help them.

Why do I do these things? Every time I do this, I get fucked.

In any case… I never fucking expected him to start harassing women.

He’s done this, by other people’s accounts, at least 3 times. I’ve only seen this one, so I’ll only report on this one.

He went after @wongmjane on Twitter, and ruthlessly fucking harassed her, over alt text that was already there. This shit went on for days. First, I think, he was complaining that the alt text wasn’t there; then, he was complaining that it wasn’t good enough. And a bunch of other people trying to get Verified through the hashtag, #VerifyDisabledTwitter, they joined in.

Not everybody. There are one or two who didn’t, and they still seem like good people. The entire situation, however, is too stressful for me to go back into. They seem like good people; but, I cannot take the emotional chance of getting fucked like I did, at the tail end of this, ever again.

Why did he keep on hounding Jane? Well, because, it was never about whether or not he was right, or wrong. He just wanted to cause distress to someone, I guess; and/or gain some measure of fame out of scolding and scaring them. He was just after this woman like he had a fucking vendetta. Even though Jane did nothing wrong— even though she had already done what he had required, well before they’d even spoken— well. There’s a saying, about unreasonable people, who are utterly and completely unpleasable:

If you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll want a glass of milk.

What that means, is, you can give these people everything they request. They’ll still want more.

If you start placating these people, it will never end. Because, they’re not engaging you in good faith. They’re using social conventions, and rhetoric, to paint you as the bad guy; when you, in fact, have done nothing wrong. Jane did everything Liam wanted, well before they even met. He still targeted her.

These kinds of people will take as much from you as they can get; and, when they cannot get anymore, they will still shame you, at the end, there.

Again: people who harass like this, they don’t actually want any sort of real resolution. They only do this to gain power. I’d seen him do this to other Verified accounts: the moment he got his checkmark, he started hunting other Verified people. Anything he could use to try to humiliate them, and get them to apologize to him, for any imagined ‘slight’? He’d use it. He’d do it. He was fucking prowling, like they were his prey.

It felt like he was trying to defeat them, in order to gain their power.

This entire situation is how I met Naomi Wu, @RealSexyCyborg. Because, the moment I saw the guy in charge of #VerifyDisabledTwitter harassing a woman, my fucking childhood instincts kicked in. You do not hurt pretty lady.


I’m not going to write this as a sob story for myself, because it truly is not about me. I do want to say this, though: this was probably my only chance to get Verified on Twitter. If I had remained quiet, I’d be Verified, probably, right now.

But is that even fucking worth it? Jesus.


In any case, in utterly betraying the guy behind this, I FUCKED MYSELF. I’m STILL fucked. I’m never gonna get Verified; because, this was my only pipeline, and Twitter don’t care.

Hell, this little scheme has already worked for a few of them; one of whom who I regularly saw harass women, sexually, on Twitter. I guess being evil pays, huh?

I just want to say: I don’t write this to throw a wrench in their future plans. I ain’t even namin’ names. Because, I just don’t really have the heart. It’s no fear of being sued: they did this shit. I saw it with my own eyes. It’s just—

Actually, you know fucking what? I’ll say it. This’ll read weird, because, initially, I didn’t name names at the beginning of this article. But, here we go: Liam O’Dell is the one who went after @wongmjane. And Justin Gigliotti, I saw him, multiple times, contact women, usually famous ones, and do this creepy fucking thing:

He would ask the women if they thought he was handsome. If they would respond in a way he didn’t like, he would try to frame it as though they were prejudiced against him because of his disability. Sort of, like, ‘do you think I’m handsome?’, followed by, if he got a negative reply, ‘you’re just prejudiced’. It was really fucking uncomfortable.

Here’s his trick: he harasses women, asking them things that would be totally inappropriate, in real life; and, if they don’t respond like he wants— if they don’t stroke his ego— he starts saying shit that he thinks will ruin their reputation.

The other thing I noticed, is, he seems to know what he’s doing.

Because he frequently would delete the tweets where he’d do this to women. But especially if he got a negative reply, where he tried to shame them for being ‘rejected’. He’d wait until everybody forgot; then, he’d delete the tweets.

And then, he’d do it again.

It felt to me like he had a ‘cooling off’ period, from when he would do this. Once a week, usually.

The guy made me super uncomfortable. I’ve got no idea of his mental state, but he seemed to know that he could use that ‘trick’ to get people to reply to him. If they didn’t reply, or they blocked him, he would ramp up how he’d hound them.

I know this from personal experience. He contacted me in private and kept fucking hounding me. Mostly just to follow him; and, boy, if you tried to get away from him, he just kept fucking contacting me.

Personally, I’m not someone who feels intimidated by anybody. However, if I were an average person, especially just a normal woman, I would fucking be creeped the fuck out by his behavior.

If you block him, as well, he starts going into other people’s direct messages and tries to get the person in trouble for blocking him. The idea I got, was, if you ever got away from him, he’d try to fucking ruin your reputation. He even betrayed Liam like this; he told me Liam blocked him, and, boy. The shit he said, it made me feel like he did this to everybody.

When it comes to Liam blocking him, I can see fucking why.

It seemed perfectly obvious that there was no clean way to get the fuck away from this guy.

It’s a blessing that he blocked me first, right around the time I told on Liam.

I should note that, I also don’t write any of this to ruin their ‘careers’. Mostly, I don’t feel right, keeping this a secret, any longer. Also, Liam and Justin have already been Verified. So, they’ve won.

But, God, damn. Was Justin acting creepy.

On a final note, here: the rest of the hashtag knew about this.

They just didn’t say a single thing about it.

They watched him harass women, and said fucking nothing. Even when I brought it up; they just ignored me.

So fuck them for that.

Essentially, this is what happened. Not back when it happened (I think?); but, still. A good synopsis.

To the best of my recollection, @wongmjane uploaded an image, added alt text, but that wasn’t good enough for the guy behind #VerifyDisabledTwitter. He decided to just keep going after her, until she fucking deleted all her social media. (She’s back now.)

The guy’s a bully. This much was clear when I first saw him, right around the time he was yelling at YouTube or somebody because their captions were ‘not good enough’. He, like a lot of other people on the platform, enjoy engaging in this ‘broken bottle’ trick: they claim you’ve done something wrong, and demand that you offer restitution for it. Only the restitution never fucking ends, and it requires you to bow down before them. To kneel.

It’s bully behavior and it sickens me.

The latest thing they were doing, when I got out of it, was, they’d just fucking yell at every corporation they could, complaining that automatic captions were not good enough. They want things like every YouTube video to be manually captioned. How? Fucking how?

I usually cannot really hear shit out of one of my ears. It’s a number of things: intercranial pressure; high blood pressure; the fact that I’ve gotten shot in the head no less than three different, separate times; and, of course, because a grenade went off near that ear. So I love captions. But expecting everybody to transcribe everything? Jesus, dude.

Thankfully, Google Chrome has built-in automated captions, and they’re so good that I use them all the time for watching my favorite Twitch streamers.

Honestly, it’s a wonder I’m even alive.

I often think of the song, ‘Shoehorn with Teeth”, by They Might Be Giants, when people demand that impossible things be done for them. The song goes:

He wants a shoehorn!
The kind with teeth!

Because he knows there’s no such thing.

With #VerifyDisabledTwitter, the idea here is that these people— disabled or not, as one or two of them counted having asthma as being a ‘disability’ worthy of Twitter Verification— they go after people, harass them, VERY aggressively. And then, when their victim sticks up for themselves, and says that the things they’re demanded to do are unreasonable, these ‘disabled’ people respond: ‘You can’t talk that way to me! I’m disabled!’

These people count PTSD as being a disability worthy of being pushed to the front of the Twitter verification line. Same as asthma. Why?

Well, kids, I have both. I suffered from fucking night terrors for a good portion of my life, and my last flashback, I think, was about 2 years ago. I also cannot breathe worth shit, in part due to COVID’s ‘fun’ after-effects.

Please note: I ain’t no soldier. I just had one fucked up life.

In any case, I’m not fucking disabled in a way that’s worthy of Twitter verification. I’m just not. If you can get Verified through this route, go ahead. I hope that you do.

But I don’t think many of these people are disabled. I know that at least a few of them are pretending: I saw one claim that having anxiety makes you disabled in a way that is deserving of Twitter Verification. The fuck? I’ve got Generalized Anxiety Disorder. How does this shit qualify me for a checkmark??

It’s kind of funny, because I think Twitter hates this hashtag. In response to my support of the hashtag, Twitter decided to hike up the Twitter Verification threshold for ‘disabled activists’ to 100,000 followers. I saw it as Twitter saying, in a loud, clear voice, GO FUCK YOURSELVES.

Should they have said that?


In going against Liam and the hashtag, I’ve pretty much fucked myself permanently. And, I got nothing to show for it. Nobody really got into trouble; almost all of the harassers, they’re Verified off of this, now.

Story of my life, man. Do the right thing; get fucked.

I hate it.

I want to say, from the bottom of my heart, that I wish that this hashtag was better. But, the one incident where the vast majority of them harassed Jane, it soured me on it. And I couldn’t just stay silent.

Why did I stay silent this long?

Because I didn’t want to get sued. But, I don’t really have anything to live for, in this World. So I don’t really care anymore. I also thought that it was made public enough when I spoke to Naomi Wu, about all of this, and told everybody who would listen (esp. about the guy asking women if he’s handsome; though, I don’t believe I named names, then).

It felt, at the time, like nothing would be done about it.

Well, probably nothing will come of this post. Except, of course, I’ll probably get myself into trouble. Maybe I’ll even get banned?


Does it matter if you get banned for telling on someone who’s hurting women?

Isn’t that a badge of honor?

Hey— my wife’ll like me for it.