Why I Don’t Trust Humans

This is a big thing with me. I don’t trust people because, at any given moment, this could happen.

Were they hacked? I don’t know. It matched their earlier parlance; so, I just assumed that they hated me.

This happens a few times a year, to me. I used to think that I was annoying people, and they snapped. This, however, imlpies that it’s alright to do this to me. It’s not. It never is.

The thing is, though, I’ve barely been posting for quite a bit. And when I do, I’m not really all that opinionated.

This, however, I’m only mentioning for one reason:

I posted my oxygen level as bait.

And it worked.

Over the course of my life, I’ve noticed that people tend to behave like animals: they see weakness, they strike. So, occasionally, I put out a feeler. I do things like this.

Admittedly, while I was actually somewhat ill (I breathed in plastic fumes, and had substantial breathing difficulties for a week, as a result; I’m almost fully healed, now), I was trying to see if I could ‘fake’ a bad blood oxygen reading. I have asthma, and, if I’m sitting down, my phone’s readings of my bloody oxygen can dip into the 80s, pretty easily. There seem to be no real effects. I’m guessing that my one finger is just really callused, and my phone can’t see through it. (It IS my mouse-clicking finger.)

I was trying to see if I could ‘fake’ a bad blood oxygen reading, because, I wanted to see if Milo could have faked it.

For the most part? No.

In any case, I put my blood oxygen reading out there, to see who would laugh at it.

I did not expect this person to. I thought that FalconryFinance was my friend; but, apparently, they either got hacked, or… I don’t know.

Whatever the case may be, I blocked them, and they’ve since blocked me.

It’s very sad.

But if you want to see who your friends really are?

Feign vulnerability and/or weakness every so often.

The animals always come out.