Space Aliens pamphlet (rough draft)

The following information is not fictitious. This is real, and I’m disseminating it in an attempt to smooth First Contact with humanity.

The vast majority of monsters from human folklore are simply space alien lifeforms who have been misidentified.

The following is information about two (2) of them— the ones you’re most-likely going to come in contact with in the future.

The Bhue

DO NOT PROVOKE. You think they just look ‘mischevious’. They are a living macrovirus.

Malevolent architects of Chaos, or innocent little angels?

Yeah, ain’t nobody buyin’ that shit. The Bhue are a universally-feared ‘species’ that practically no one knows a thing about. What is known about them is merely rumor, and those rumors don’t even make any sense.

No one description of a Bhue matches that of another. The end result is an alien species that seems alien to everyone they encounter.

Popularly known to humans as the Flatwoods Monster; Gremlins; Goblins; some manner of Elves; Kappa; Tanuki; and so on, and so forth. Occasionally mistaken for and called “greys”.

Other names:

  • Black-eyed children
  • Cherubim
  • Angels
  • Djinn
  • Demons
  • Imps
  • Leprechauns

And many other titles. Most-often appear in human history as ‘tricksters’.


  • Variable. Bhue take the genes of those around them and recombinate them within themselves, producing perfect copies of any organism they’re interacting with.
    • 4S type was genetically-engineered to stand at a universal 4’7″ default height.
    • 4S types resemble porcelain dolls, complete with doll joints.
  • Activated Bhue have the ability to fly and will often by surrounded by colored plasma when in flight.


Possible sightings

The Bhue ‘Sophia’, in flight with another.
Bhue ‘spacecraft’

Temperament: NOT GOOD

The Bhue do not really like human beings. They do not really have a use for them, nor any real malice for them. You could probably safely think of them as being like superpowered children.

For less-specific information, please see the book about them.

Oh, one last thing:

Numbers: there are more Bhue alive than there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy

The Anunnaki

Armor is not to be considered completely accurate, but will not be amended, for security reasons.

The Anunnaki, a species at least as old as the universe. A pinnacle of civilization, quite recently upset by a mysterious force.

Popularly known to humans as the Lizard People; the Reptilians; and, sometimes, the greys.

Skin comes in every color of the rainbow, and a few human fleshtones (though rare). Three layers of ‘skin’: scales on top, very sensitive skin underneath, what human beings would consider an analog of the ‘dermis’ beneath that.

Silicon-based. Can speak verbally but more-often-than-not speak telepathically.

Technology includes true replicators, programmable matter, FTL travel, ‘traveling without moving’ technology (that doesn’t break the laws of physics).

For more specific information, please see the book about them.

Original artwork by E.M. Engel, paid for (a commission), photoshopped and manipulated by me.

The above picture is of a space alien woman of the Newer type. The names She has been called include:

  • Quetzalcoatl
  • Ishtar
  • Aphrodite
  • Hathor
  • Freyja
  • Eris
  • Xōchiquetzal

The Anunnaki have been, throughout human history, called various different names by human beings, and were considered gods. None of them really liked this at all, but that’s what humans did to them. They were also called names of demons, such as Ose and Murmur.

Note: For Anunnaki shown, these are women.


  • Species itself spans 3+ galaxies and has colonized much of these three. Upwards of 140+ intra-species due to special cross-species marriage.
  • Heritage type is closest to the ‘original’ version of what the species looked like before genetic engineering resulted in the streamlined, slimmer phenotype, the Newer type.
  • Chart assumes 5’3″-5’5″ height for human female, 6’0″ for human male, ~9 foot (300cm) height for Heritage type, 7’7″ (~213 cm) height for Newer type.
  • Strength of newer and heritage types are similar.
  • Information about sexuality

The Anunnaki have been living somewhat ‘in secret’ on Earth for the past 50,000 years, in the technological equivalent of anthropological duck blinds.

Why the Anunnaki are here

There was a bit of a disagreement on the course the empire was going to take. One group wanted to enslave other species: the group that lives on Earth took all their shit and then came to Earth, to basically be alone. When they got here, they found human beings.

What the Anunnaki want

Same shit you want. To be happy; to raise a family.


  • No, the Anunnaki do not eat human beings.
  • The vast majority of abductions and ‘anal probings’ are just criminals of their species kidnapping and raping humans.
  • No, they did not build the pyramids. Why would they? Human beings did that.