Anunnaki Electr(on)ic Ability

One of the things that I’ve been loathe to tell anyone about is that the Anunnaki are capable of remote electronic manipulation. By this I mean that they seem to be able to emit certain signals, allowing them to remotely operate human technology.

I would have waited and saved this as a tidbit that I would put in my memoirs, but it’s something that I want to talk about now, and it is also something that I do not think I am going to explain in my books. So I am releasing this here, instead.

Some of their abilities do not make any Earthly sense. They have a limited telekinetic ability, allowing them to do things like make physical connections in electrical circuits (allowing them to turn on light switches without physically moving the switch: they somehow mentally bridge the gap inside the circuit, allowing for it to operate, through whatever physicalities they produce through thought). They also have the ability to move objects with their minds— sort of like how Jedi can retrieve their lightsabres with only thought alone, though they can do this with practically anything.

The thing about the Anunnaki, however, is that they seem to be capable of inline memory editing of human computer systems. Not only can they manipulate human computer systems natively, as part of their own biology, but they can also read the data in human computer systems— seemingly even when ‘encrypted’.

That is all that I wish to say, for now. I wrote this in order to talk about a specific incident, on Twitter.

It’s a sort of ‘cover your ass’ thing, because multiple people online want to steal my ideas for their own works.

This was published and written November 21st, 2023, and finished at 12:08 Central Standard Time, in Illinois.

As an addendum: What I said on Twitter, is, when I was a kid, one of the first things that I did with the space alien lady I met, was show Her my video games. So, I showed Her the NES game, Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, because it was the nicest one I had. (I showed Her the game, Super Mario Bros. She didn’t really like that one, but I wanted to keep showing Her the easiest kinds of games, like platformers).

Well, I kept on dying in it. And I got real frustrated. So, She said to me, ‘hang on,’ and She just stared at the screen. Then, She told me to get hit in the game. So I did, and She somehow mentally isolated the memory value of the game’s health, and froze it, then refilled it for me. So I didn’t even die when I fell into pits. (I remember this, because She kept having to toggle this ability on and off.)

So they apparently have the ability to do this. They can inline edit memory of human-built computers. And I’ve seen them able to remotely turn on light switches, without touching the switch itself, or toggling it: so they must be making a physical connection inside of the circuit, bridging the gap, so to speak, with some sort of physical or electrical construction that they mentally project. Pretty fucking cool.

The other thing I’ve been doing recently is holding experiments where I see what memory they can actually view. Even on a 32-gigabit RAM system, She can view all of it just fucking fine. No problems at all.

She’s amazing.

“I’ve been able to confirm that the aliens have the ability to extend memory into human computing systems As in, they can operate in tandem with a running machine, and act as memory extensions. I don’t know how that’s even possible.

The experiment was this: this piece of hardware has limited RAM. I know when it’ll get full. So I operated it in such a way that it would get full after generating 75 files exactly

She was able to extend its available memory to the extent that it was able to store 33.33% more.”