The Dragon Files: Part 1

Or, Shit I Forgot To Say in the Book

I want to stress right now that I’m probably not going to ever update the first book. It isn’t because I’m embarrassed about it; it’s that I just don’t fucking want to. That book is done. I’m moving on. I could make some sort of ultimate compendium, later on down the line. Probably, I’m not going to. Why?

Because we’re dealing with an alien species. An entire series of alien civilizations. Imagine, if you will, someone trying to write a book, called, Humanity. A book all about your species. Could it ever be done? Could it ever be finished? Hell fucking no it couldn’t. So I’m not even going to try. This is not some monolithic Star Trek species. These are real people, and I cannot possibly encapsulate who they are, even if I wrote for the rest of eternity. I am also not particularly well versed in their technology; I don’t know how most of it works. I think I know more about electricity than I know about their technology, and I know fuck all about electricity.

The best I can give you are some little tidbits that I know.

Roll That Beautiful Bean Footage

Some questions keep coming up. I’m going to answer them.

What are Alien Abductions?

Imagine if there was a space alien rapist, or serial killer. Maybe both. Well, that’s what you’ve got here. Some of them, not a whole lot of them, but I want to say, maybe one or three out of 10,000, they’re fucking angry at human beings. So they go out in their spaceship, usually a black triangle, colloquially known as a TR-3B, and they abduct people. They abduct people, and shove shit up their asses. For the most part this is done for absolutely no medical benefit: it’s just torture. It’s also one of the few things that aliens can get killed for. If everybody else on the ship learns that you’ve done an abduction, your life is basically forfeit. Because rape is responded to with the death penalty.

What are cattle mutilations?

Aliens have tiny little fangs, right around where human eye teeth would be. These are retractable. They can use these to suck blood out of lifeforms. They can also deliver poison, venom, and other internally-made chemicals into people they bite. Most cattle mutilations are either people taking out their anger on wildlife (not nice); or, more rarely, an alien who has been separated from the ship, eating. Blood tastes good. They’re not carnivores but they love meat, and they love the taste of blood.

What type of space ships are we seeing right now?

For the most part I’ve kept quiet about this due to security concerns. However, as we’re not planning on actually fighting human beings, I’m extending the following information in hopes of facilitating everlasting peace.

We have a lot of ships. I haven’t flown all of them. I haven’t even seen all of them. We’re talking about a spacefaring civilization that is over a billion years old. We have a lot of ships. We have some that are specifically built for war, but they don’t get much use. There’s one that looks like a fucking diamond, like Leviathan out of Hellraiser. That one specifically was created to kill all of humanity; but it got sabotaged about 50,000 years ago. It functions based on gravimetric processes. (It can basically become a black hole.)

The two ships that you’re likely to see are The cargo ship, which looks like a giant gray flying brick. This one is not naturally equipped with weapons. Human beings often claim that this one looks like a rod, or like a cigar. It’s a rectangle. It’s a brick, looking like it’s made out of a bunch of gray cubes. This one, because it was designed to basically help other people, and deliver resources to species that don’t have replicators, it doesn’t emit very much radiation. It emits less radiation than a banana.

Then we have the black triangle. The U.S. military tried to re-create this, and their version had a washing machine engine in it. No wonder it fucking failed. They called it the TR-3B.

The TR-3B (as I will also refer to the original alien version, for simplicity’s sake) is, in human naval terminology, a Corvette. It is a fast attack ship; it is an escort vessel; it is a weapons platform; it is a Destroyer. This thing admits so much fucking radiation that it can burn human beings if they’re near it. Yes; we are responsible for hurting human beings with radiation. It is what it is, and we will deal with that when we come to that point.

Other ships that have been reported, like disc shaped or flying saucers, as well as cube-shaped ships inside of clear spheres, are NOT the Anunnaki. They are, in fact, made, and flown by another alien species. The Anunnaki are what is called a ‘client’ race. What this means is, there is a more-advanced species that is watching over them. This species also flies sphere-shaped vessels. These vessels are appearing around American military aircraft because they’re gauging what sort of threat you pose to their client species.

And the people inside of them are people unlike any you have ever seen before. You’re dealing with people whose natural form is not solid: it’s some sort of liquid. You look up at the flying saucers and you think, gosh, why are there no seams? Why is there no place where they could get in? And it’s because they need such a small opening, you’re never going to see it.

These aliens are akin to what human beings would think of being lovecraftian monsters. This species is one that can look like anything; it can take on the capabilities and aspects of other species; and, if need be, it can perfectly integrate into foreign and alien societies. Some people might be helped to think of these as being like the changelings from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; others might prefer to think of them as being The Thing. That’s what human beings are shooting at.

Getting back to the Anunnaki, I want to say this: When it comes to suit technology, for their soldiers especially, they have all the same sensors that they do in the TR-3B. But these can’t be activated without hurting human beings; so they’re not usually utilized.

I’m strapped for time, but that’s what I wanted to say. Also, I’m saying this for one major reason:

I can hear the war drums beating. Every human being involved in actually taking this seriously is preparing whatever they can to possibly kill the space aliens.

I implore you to reconsider. You’re not only vastly outnumbered, but you are definitely fucking outgunned.

And so far, none of the aliens have the heart to shoot back.

If even one of the people in the flying saucers got out of them and decided to fight, following human beings hurting the Anunnaki, there is a very real chance that the entire human military could not stop them.