Getting Banned from Reddit

Oh, there’s an admin I’ve pissed off, now.

First time was when I commented, simply, “Good” on a /r/worldnews thread for an article talking about how a certain breed of pitbull had been banned from the U.K. 3 days, for what they claimed was ‘racism’.

This latest time? Article on /r/technology, in which the White House urged developers to stop using C++ and C#. I replied simply: “I don’t listen to fuckers who kill children”.

Banned, for 3 days, for threats of violence.

Where’s the threat, shitdick? I’m not the one killing children. The White House is.

In particular Israel is.

Yeah, yeah. Ban me and mislabel it all you want.

I’m over it. But I’m not going to fucking let you lie.