Space Alien Research Report I

December 15th, 2021
Margaret Gel

When first I tried to inquire as to the aliens’ ancestry, their genealogy, and their evolution, I noted what I believed to be a distinct disinterest, in that subject. At first, I thought this was the result of their religiosity: though they have many, many distinct religions, the core group of individuals I was raised by, mostly shared the same religion. Even when they did not, they seemed to have some sort of distinct knowledge of a God, that seemed to surpass what religion they practiced. At first, I did not understand.

For them, it is not really that they have any ‘belief’ in a God. That is to say, they take the existence of one particular God as a matter of fact. While the belief in the existence of other gods is a thing, the acknowledgement of the existence of one God in particular is taken as scientific fact.

The reason for this certainty is owed to a key event in Anunnaki history. In a time long since past, but distinctly before the Anunnaki came to Earth, they had recorded an event in which a group of members of their species group came into contact with a being that, despite their attempts, they had absolutely no success in injuring. The being also did not retaliate when fired upon.

When the being was taken on board, their presence is described as both calming and motherly; they had an aura that somehow pacified all who came into contact with them, sometimes by mere sight, or even mention. The group that made first contact with this entity believe it to be God, and that this entity created them. Whether or not this is true, or the being is simply another distinct lifeform— or both statements are true— I don’t really know. This being, along with other distinct metaphysical entities, is known to appear to people, in their times of need, and give them almost prophetic life advice. Such advice resulted in the species making a pilgrimmage to Earth.

What I at first believed to be disinterest in their evolutionary history, was actually just certainty. Being a species billions of years old, and having kept mostly-meticulous data and records, as well as their mastery of genetic engineering and gene manipulation… well. It is not that they are disinterested in the subject, so much as that subject of ‘study’ is dead.

As far back as their legends and genealogical records go, it is thought that their evolution occurred alongside another species. This species, something like a slime mold, or some sort of sentient macrovirus, was initially something like a competitor, or even a predator, of the Anunnaki progenitor species (the species that existed prior to the modern Anunnaki ‘species’, here on Earth).

In time, however, it seems that this macroviral species came to live in some sort of sociological symbiosis with the Anunnaki. The macrovirus species apparently could not be killed by the Anunnaki; and, it is said that, when the Anunnaki faced possible extinction at the hands of something described as being ‘made out of fractals’, it seems that the macrovirus species chose to predate on the fractal species, instead, driving that species to extinction.

Around this time is when something truly strange happened. Alien genetics, I should note, are not at all like human genetics. The slime mold species, the macroviruses, what-have-you, whatever they are called (the records do not name them specifically; and what names can be used do not seem to agree with one another, or even refer to the same species), this species possessed an ability to do something akin to horizontal gene transfer. Only, this ability allowed for not only augmented abilities in individuals, but in genetic changes that would be carried on by the affected individuals’ children. This transfer worked both ways. Eventually, this trait was entirely passed on to the Anunnaki progenitor species. At the moment this occurred, the macrovirus species almost completely disappears from not only all genetic records, but from all known records, only possibly reappearing something like 200 years, generations, or some-such term. (The term in question is untranslatable, due to the word falling out of use over many millions of years.)

The macroviral DNA seems to have merged with the Anunnaki progenitor DNA, perhaps similar to how mitochondria bonded with, and now exist in human cells. The macroviral species, though not limited solely to this kind of genetic transfer, seems to have accomplished this ‘melding’ with a great many other sentient alien species. As a result, the macrovirus’ DNA is found in a great many other species, even though the original macrovirus species is nearly extinct.

With this taken into account, as well as taking into account the overall technological advances and control of their environment, the Anunnaki today, and as early as even before the Earth was formed, seem to have successfully escaped the vast majority of natural selection pressures from their environment; as they themselves now have the ability to make their own environments.

Given that the Anunnaki have had access to genetic manipulation techniques light years beyond anything human beings are capable of, for longer than the Earth has even been in existence, and that the Anunnaki are so long-lived that they may still be reproducing nearly a million Earth years after their own birth, it is unknown how this affects their genetic environment, their gene pool, and how any comparison to human genetics can successfully be made.

As I am not a geneticist, and I do not have formal training enough to make comparisons, I am closing this route of inquiry. There does not seem to be any further information that can be gleaned, without putting them in danger.