Expectations Going Forward re: Space Alien First Contact with Human Beings


Listen. I might be absolutely Jumping Jack Flash-levels of insane. I might be super fucko bazoo crazy.

These are actual possibilities you need to consider, if you believe anything that I’m telling you about space aliens.

I am writing this disclaimer to tell you this: I am not at all trying to mislead you, when it comes to things I tell you about extraterrestrial lifeforms. I am not trying to make money off of this: the book is free; even if I have it up on Amazon, that was only so I could get a copy printed, so I could get it copyrighted. It’s up on Archive.org. Everything I release about this, so far, and probably forever, is going to be free.

So let me tell you why I’m doing this.

When I was about 4 or 5, I was ‘abducted’ by the space aliens. The reality is more that they adopted me. I’ve talked about my step-family for a long time. Those people were who I was talking about.

I spent over two decades of my life with them. I have exhaustive amounts of memories with these people.

That being said, as nobody else really seems to, we must always consider the possibility that I am crazy. Maybe I have some sort of novel mental illness. Maybe my mind is fabricating memories, and experiences, and so on, and so forth.

As far as I know, what I experienced was real, and I have to embrace that.

Because I want to get Home to them, and this is the only way that I think is going to work.

Why the Aliens Like You

In general, I don’t have a problem with human beings. I’ve had many bad experiences with them; but, going forward, into my future, I’m willing to and I am going to be overlooking such things. It doesn’t suit what I’m about to do, to hold long grudges. It’s only going to complicate matters for myself, and so, I’m moving on.

That being said, the space aliens fucking love you. That is, if we’re talking about the Anunnaki.

Let me tell you why the space aliens like you.


The vast majority of the population came to Earth as a way to get away from things they did not like about their own species. Or, rather, the predominantly-ruling portion of that species. If that makes any sense.

Think of it as being, if when the people who formed America, broke away from Britain, this new group of people weren’t a bunch of slave-holding asshats.

Actually, that doesn’t really even make any sense, given that the group of Anunnaki on Earth are those who opposed the practice of enslaving other sentient species.

In general, it’s impossible to say anything terribly descriptive about their intentions. What can one say about the intentions of, say, human beings? Everyone is different. However, the Anunnaki are markedly more civilized and calmer, in general, than human beings are.

So why would they ever even like human beings?

Because you’re fun.

But not like a clown.

Because you’re fun.

In general, the space aliens have their own things going. I can’t just say, ‘oh yeah; all the space aliens do this‘. Because— well. It’s impossible to say that. It’s like me trying to discuss the total happenings of what goes on, on any given street corner, in the Human World. It’s impossible.

What I can say, is, human beings delight the aliens, for several reasons:

  • Some see human beings as ideal companions. Cross-species ‘marriage’ has been going on since they landed, over 50,000 or so years ago.
  • Some see human beings as adding, or possessing, a certain unique Joie de vivre, that they like being close to. Think about it like this: why do you want to meet a space alien? That’s right: because you want to meet someone who’s different. Human beings are an incredibly-juvenile species, which means that you all, as a whole— as a society— make so many mistakes, that you create situations that are truly, shall we say, fascinating.
  • Some Anunnaki see human beings as a species to be helped. In particular, adoption of human babies who have been abused or even abandoned, is seen as a unique and objective good. They probably view this form of adoption as, say, human beings in wealthy countries view the adoption of children from wartorn areas. This is not a great example but I’m trying to bridge the gap of cognition
  • Human genitalia is different. Human sex is also different (though the mechanics of copulation work, Anunnaki to Human; Human to Anunnaki, both ways, all genders. That is to say, penetration, and being penetrated, without getting too gross about it.) Pregnancy and gestation is pretty much the same, which leads to special hybridization. These people love kids, and they haven’t been able to have as many children as they’d like to, for the entirety of their stay here. They want to fuck.
  • They came from a place where they could interact with as many as 158 different sentient bipedal species. They’re lonely.

Imagine if human beings had to hide for, say, 5 years. Or 10. Or 15.

Look at how crazy the Pandemic has made human beings.

The aliens have hidden for vast portions of their natural lives, and kept their numbers low, so as to remain under the radar.

When the aliens show up, there’s going to be fucking.

Complications and Consequences

As it is my task, and it is my job, I unfortunately have to consider the following things:

The White Supremacy in America, and across the Human World, has shown me an unfortunate side of Humanity that I am going to have to assess. The reality is, when the aliens show themselves, it’s not just going to be white supremacy, anymore. It’s going to be Human Supremacy.

Human Supremacists are going to come at us from all angles. The idea is going to be that we are going to be ‘replacing’ human beings, through hybridization. And the reality is, if human beings want to have kids with space aliens, there’s going to be a population of hybrid offspring. Part of not being alone in the universe, necessarily means that you have to rise to the question of whether or not you want to join with the universe. And part of that means, you might fall in love with somebody who is not from your planet.

I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to handle this.

No pressure, right?