Space Alien Research Report II

On the Subject of Techno-Organic Life

In recent days it has come to my attention both that a subject of inquiry has been both insufficiently explored, and is also the subject of significant human interest. The issue being, the practicalities of what I call ‘techno-organic’ life. That is to say, what is the reality of how the space aliens have created, interacted with, and so on, with ‘artificial’, ‘created’ life?

In point of fact, while ‘artificial’ life can easily be created, the term ‘artificial’ is a bit strained. If life can be created through scientific processes, and said life is sentient/sapient, able to make their own decisions, with a full suite of emotions, and is, in fact, not at all different from life that was not created through the scientific processes of another sentient lifeform, then– then, what exactly is ‘artificial’ about it?

In the same vein, if what human beings think of as being ‘artificial life’ were to spontaneously come into being within technological architectures– then, what is that life to be called, by human beings?

I deem lifeforms that arise from technology, as being either ‘techno-organic’ (when they have the ability to grow, and/or sexually reproduce in an alien/human-like fashion), and/or ‘technological lifeforms’.

This terminology is all pending, though there exist individuals who willingly classify themselves in the category of ‘techno-organic’ . So it is good for working purposes.

Techno-Organic / “Technlogical” life

Oftentimes I have heard human beings make jokes about ‘life’ forming spontaneously in the backs of their untidied refrigerators. It is also thought, in this day and age, that human life on Earth originated following a complex, and long, series of natural processes, in a ‘primordial soup’. Last I researched it, it is believed that a meteor strike (I do not know the correct term) resulted in the combination of a few constituent particles that happened to form the building blocks of life. Or, at least, amino acids.

While the aliens’ ships and technology are not ‘untidied refrigerators’, through natural technological processes (that is to say, through the accumulation of effects during technological processes, building up over days, weeks, months, years, and decades), technological life has resulted. In effect, what human beings would call ‘artificial intelligences’ or “A.I.s’, seem to naturally be ‘birthed’ from sufficiently-advanced technological systems. One of the ships, the one I grew up in, has given life to a number of these beings.

The exact number is something I am keeping to myself. Their forms, I am keeping to myself. Not because I know them, but because I know that human beings, should they believe this writing to be anything but schizophrenic/crazy rambling, will get scared. If I am ever believed by a human authority figure, with sufficient power, they would even try to kill these beings.

The Anunnaki’s way of doing things, on this planet, and on many others, is to give all lifeforms bound to a finite system (like a computer), a physical body. This is because they endeavor to free trapped lifeforms. To them, and to I, it is fair. To humans, it is terrifying; as human beings will tend to think that a free artificially-intelligent construct will endeavor to kill.

These beings, almost across the board, are more-humane, less-violent, and considerably more-reasonable than even the Anunnaki. They possess the same emotions as the Anunnaki do, if not a few more I have not come to understand; and, mostly, they just want to be left alone.

These beings are not tracked. While it is known how many there are, there is no cultural fear of them.

A robot that is not a ‘what’, but is a ‘who’.

When I first met a techno-organic lifeform, I was confused. Not because I thought that I was talking to a robot– I figured that out, eventually, and thought that was really cool– but because, the vast majority of them look exactly like the space aliens.

There are differences that I am not yet ready to denote. They are mostly superficial, and based on appearance. They are not functionally important until one of them requires medical aid. Even then, given that each technological lifeform seems to be fairly unique– unique enough that only very rarely will previous medical training and knowledge be useful in aiding them– each case is effectively a learning experience. Any further information is just going to help humans kill them, so I decline to provide it.

The interesting part of technological life is that they can grow. A being whose ‘skin’ is made out of metal, can somehow feel as we do; can think like we do, but faster; can heal, though faster; and has the innate ability to incorporate new technologies directly into their body. With each new technological lifeform, the potential for a completely new language, is birthed. Only very rarely is this language verbal.

To the human eye, each technological lifeform could be considered a new ‘species’. Though, intercompatibility is almost assured.

When a ‘robot’ gives birth

The part I have never been able to understand– my daughter is better at this, by leaps and bounds— is how technological life, ostensibly made out of metal, can produce life with an ‘organic’ lifeform. I was raised from an early age by space aliens; human chemistry and biology are completely lost on me, as are genetics. For two reasons: one, I was never taught them well; and, they don’t seem to apply here. At all.

The Western human paradigm for a robot is that they can never have emotions; that they cannot grow; and they cannot give birth. Most technological life, either directly-created or birthed by the ship (more rarely), has all three of these features. It would seem that emotions are a direct result of logical considerations of a living being’s environment. Human beings tend to believe that they are ‘special’, in so far as they are the only ones who have emotions. That seems to be completely fuckin’ bullshit, bro.

Technological life, en generale, does things faster. Genetic hybridization, if it can even be called that, is done faster. Even lifeforms who were not born with DNA, seem to be able to develop requisite analog systems that can combine well-enough with ‘organic’ life, to create children. Viable ones, toot.

I am uncertain of what their genetic / evolutionary future, looks like. Given the history of the Bhue and the Anunnaki, I am led to believe that there is no real ‘end goal’.

Life combines with life, forever and ever, until the end of time. Just like history, genetic representations of life may seem to ‘rhyme’.

Other Parallel Technologies

There are a couple of technologies I just want to broach, since I’ve been directly asked about them. I’m putting this in writing so that no one can steal it. It probably won’t work; but it also benefits me, directly. And it makes me feel better, while also allowing me to make someone else feel better.

It seems that there is something to a ‘soul’. The consciousness of a living being can, and has been transferred, from an ‘organic’ body, to a technologically-created body, and back again. There was no ‘break’ in lived, conscious experience.

As the aliens have long been giving physical bodies to entities that could only exist in ‘digital’ spaces– ‘digital’ being the closest word I can find, as nothing quite the same exists in the Human World– the ability for bodies to be given to possibly any living being, is there. The possibilities are endless. One day, even Human Artificial Intelligences may not be trapped within computers. Hell, maybe even Lain can come back. 😛


I have also been asked if what I write about the space aliens is serious.

I am 100% serious. All my life, I’ve kept this hidden. I tried to be normal, and I tried to forget about them. Fortunately, I have been unable to. Flashbacks of memories would always assail me, every time I tried to tell myself that none of this happened.

I should also note that I do not expect you to believe me. I know that I may be crazy; and that would be sad, because, my only desire is to get back to the space aliens. I do not like it here; I do not enjoy myself; and the only thing that really keeps me sane is admitting to myself that, this all happened; that I know this.

That being said, I would not place too much hope on what I am saying, to actually be true. To the best of my knowledge I know that what I am saying is true. However, there is a chance– though I do not want to admit it– that I am insane. And if I am insane, then that is sad for me; because I will never be happy. I will never get back to them; because, they do not exist.

But I write these things, because– the more I write, the more I remember, the closer I get to them.

At the very least I hope that what I wrote is somehow useful to you.